Want to Know Keywords of ANY Competitor Website? ~ The Secret Way to do SEO Competitor Analysis

Find your competitor websites’ keywords Here: https://www.pitiya.com/go/semrush


After getting indexing your web pages, search engines will rank your webpage for specific keywords/keyword phrases. But, how do you identify your competitors’ keywords?

Luckily for you, in this short video tutorial (http://youtu.be/0cexcPy7ozo), I have explained every necessary step you need to follow to spy on competitors keywords and SEO analysis for difficulties.

The tool I used is SEMrush. It has both free and premium packages. I use SEMrush Pro. It gives me more data than a free SEMrush account. However, if you don’t know too much about SEMrush, read my honest SEMrush review here: (http://www.problogtricks.com/2014/11/semrush-review-search-engine-marketing-tool.html)

Basically, SEMrush is a search engine marketing tool which provides various tools for PPC advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

There might have tons of occasions where you thought how do your competitor websites increase their search traffic in every month and increase their buyer’s traffic dramatically.

The reason behind they gets much organic traffic is their keyword research strategies and techniques are reliable, durable and transparent.

They might invest hundreds of thousands of dollars only for other purposes. But, the reason behind a quality content which gets tons of traffic from search engines such as Google.com, yahoo.com, and Bing.com is their robust content marketing strategies.

If you want to find SEO keywords of your competitor websites content, so this video will show you how you can conduct an SEO keyword research campaign for 2 minutes. Yes, this SEO trick works pretty well in 2015 too.

Don’t worry about other stuff. Once you got familiar with SEM rush SEO tool, you can analyze any competitor web page, any YouTube video page and find the organic keywords that make them millionaires!

As this video explains How to Competitor Keyword Research for SEO, you don’t need to read tons of other complex articles. But, if you want to learn more about competitor keyword analysis, here is a tutorial which will show you how to steal competitors website traffic properly: http://www.problogtricks.com/2015/06/steal-website-traffic.html

Increasing traffic to your website is smooth if you know how search engines work. I still use competitor keyword analysis to find my competitors SEO strategies and their golden keywords that drive buyers from search engines.

Hope you enjoyed watching this video.

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