Ultimate Shopify Product Research Guide – How to Find Hot Dropshipping Products (2021)

Find out how I find winning dropshipping products on Shopify. Make money online!
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I’m Kevin David, a serial entrepreneur and eCommerce specialist with years of experience selling products successfully online. In this video, I am going to show you the secret to finding the right products for your Shopify business and increasing your sales revenues tenfold.

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The Right Way to Do Email Marketing for Hotels

The hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive, it is time you break away from the pack and set yourself apart from your competitors. Hotel email marketing done the right way can make dramatic changes in your relationship with past, present and future guests.

6 Deadly Mistakes in Email Marketing – Avoid These at All Costs!

This article is a summary of Email-marketing tips. Avoid the 6 deadly mistakes that many marketers make in their campaigns and you will have a better chance to profit.

How to Begin With Email Marketing

As an online business promoter is both an opportunity and an obligation to turn your web site visitors into qualified leads for your business. That means enticing them onto your mailing list with a juicy free offer, then using a strategic e-mail marketing campaign to court them into your book of business. For a lot of online marketers this makes perfect sense on the surface. But how do you get them to opt in? Is there a trick? And once they’re on your list, what do you actually say to them and how often? Here’s what that looks like.

Email Rapport: How You Can Gain Deep Rapport With People Via Email

Good rapport is essential for successful relationships, whether they are business or personal relationships but have you ever considered what your emails are saying about you? Have you ever thought about how powerfully you can connect with & influence people, just by E-Mail?

How to Get a Clean List Through This HUGE Mailing List Maintenance Tip

I often talk about how emailing marketing is THE most lucrative and important part of your website. Before you try to get Facebook “Likes” or Twitter “followers” you should focus on developing your list above all else. As you begin to develop your mailing list, though, it can begin to get cluttered like anything else. This would be fine, except a clean email list will save you a lot of money. This article will uncover the dirty secret that email marketing software companies don’t want you to know and teach you a lesson in mailing list maintenance which will save you a lot of money while keeping your email list as trim as possible.

E-Mail Market Segmentation

Segmentation will enable you to send emails that are relevant to your receivers needs and desires. Along with sending relevant emails there will also be a chance to bring the volume of emails that are sent down drastically due to the identification and elimination of irrelevant mailings.

Email Marketing – Results From the Best Split Testing Campaigns

Testing your email marketing campaigns and incorporating the results is the best way to improve campaign responses. As an email marketing vendor, we analyzed the results of several thousand email campaigns to get a better perspective of what works, and what doesn’t work for business-to-business (“B2B”) customers. We then distilled this down into a set of email marketing split tests to demonstrate a handful of interesting best-practices for email marketing in a Q and A format.

Why Is It Important to Publish All Of Your Content On A Schedule To Promote Your Online Business?

Anyone who has subscribed to any of your sites where you publish content or any auto responder lists, want to know when to expect more content from you. Being consistent and on time with your publish is critical. The frequency of providing this content is critical to the reputation of your online business. So how do you decide what to print and how often?

Email Marketing – 10 Worst Performing Email Subject Lines

Several hundred million emails and thousands of B2B email marketing campaigns were analyzed to determine what the best and worst performing email marketing subject lines are. In this short article we’ve summarized the 9 Worst performing email campaigns subjects along with brief comments as to why the subject line does poorly.

Email Marketing: How a SPAM Firewall Works (Q and A)

SPAM firewalls filter out spam, but they unfortunately are probably causing up to 25% of your non-spam, permissions based email marketing campaigns to fall short of the inbox too. This article, in a question and answer form, covers the top questions that email marketers need to review to better understand why their otherwise good email marketing campaigns may get blocked.

List Building Guide

If you are someone that wants to make a living online, then you need to understand the importance of building a list. The reason that building a list of email subscribers is so crucial to your long term success online is because it is an asset that can never be taken away from you.

Why Email Marketing Is Good For Your Business

Email marketing is a very effective way to drive traffic to your website. Read on to find out why.

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