Top 3 Best Website Traffic Analytics Tools to Check Site Traffic Online

#1: SEMrush Traffic Analytics:
#2: Similar Web:
#3: Alexa:

(Enter the website or blog URL in above traffic checker websites to find estimated traffic of a site)


** Top 3 Best Website Traffic Analytics Tools to Check Site Traffic Online **

Did you want to check the traffic of a website and didn’t know how to do it?

Then after watching this short video, you will learn how to find estimated traffic of any website even your competitors very easily.

We recommend SEMrush Traffic Analytics because it provides the most accurate estimated traffic information of a site.

Not only just mere website traffic statistics, it also provides tons of more details that aren’t limited bouce rate, average pages per session etc., but also details such as geography, demography and destination sites.

With combining of other traffic estimated tools of the SEMrush such as organic traffic, referral traffic, social traffic etc., you can use this tool to grow your business.

Use this special SEMrush coupon to create your free SEMrush Pro account:

SEMrush Pro account allows you to check traffic stats deeper and find more details such as historical traffic data.

Here is a video that explains more about this SEMrush Pro account:

Check out this article if you want to learn more about this:

So, how did you check website traffic and what was your best website traffic analyzer? Please share your best traffic checker tool below in comments.

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