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Hi, my name is Kevin David and I’m an entrepreneur who lives to motivate people like you into achieving the best of their potential. If I’ve learned anything from all my success, it’s that you’ll never get anywhere in life by comparing yourself to other people.

On the Kevin David YouTube channel, I regularly Crete videos that inspire new business owners to succeed. One of the most effective ways to do this is by building your confidence and self-belief and helping you to understand that what other people are doing in life doesn’t matter.

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Think Before You Push That Email Button

Believe it or not, email marketing is now officially middle aged. It’s now 40 years old and generally looking pretty well for its age. There are, of course, some who believe it’s way past its sell by date, and that any attempt to revive its lagging fortunes is just window dressing: they argue that social media has made email marketing largely redundant.

What’s A Good Way To Track My Email Results?

One of the advantages of email marketing, auto responders in particularly, is it can be easy to set and forget. Once you’re collecting subscribers and your messages are all queued up, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. But if you’re not tracking your results, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Email Autoresponder

Most business owners who work online follow the same goal – to gain more online exposure and business. In order to achieve the goal many try and make best use of email marketing. Here you get to learn all benefits of email newsletter, email autoresponder and email marketing software.

How Do You Feel About Email Marketing?

Email marketing has become the most reliable method of advertising and marketing. It is among the leading edge marketing strategies offered online. It has improved on the world wide web and is starting to become intensely influenced by the overall state of online marketing.

E-Mail Marketing Systems That Bring in Money

By now you have probably heard through lots of people that e-mail marketing is how you truthfully earn your money. What you need to do is find or produce something small and reasonably priced so that you can sell it while building up your e-mail list and then, after you’ve built your list sell other, better and more expensive products to that list. The primary goal here is that the people on the list have probably always been going to trust you because you’ve already sold them something valuable and that means that they will be a lot more likely to buy things from you in the future when you have them to offer. Obviously e-mail marketing can be done both in good as well as bad ways.

InboxDollars – Who Are They?

InboxDollars deals with different methods of earning income online through paid emails, survey taking and game playing. They promote advertising through these paid services as a way of generating leads and traffic for their members own products and services.

6 Fatal Email Mistakes That Cost You Money

Email is a widely used prospecting tool but it is seldom used correctly or as effectively as it could be. Most sales people and small business owners make a variety of mistakes that prevent them from increasing their sales when using email to grow their business. Here are the top six mistakes they make that cost them money.

Take Advantage of Mailing Lists to Make Tons of Money

Take note that there are tons of ways to make money online. One such way is through mailing lists. However, be aware that having a big mailing list is not a guarantee that you will be earning money. The key to earning income via your mailing list is to use it as a means to not just acquire visitors but to entice them to purchase from your website.

Smart Business Email Marketing

Today email marketing is one of the primary ways that businesses stay in touch with customers and partners. However, managing your own email marketing can be cumbersome and time consuming. Trying to stay on top of the constant changes in an email marketing address list can be a full time job. Then there are the challenges involved in composing and sending out effective emails. How do you ensure that people will read it?

Email Marketing Secrets – How to Maintain the Know, Like, and Trust Factor in Email Marketing

Do you ever get emails that really annoy you? And other emails that you look forward to reading? How can you make sure that your readers look forward to YOUR emails and don’t hit the delete button faster than you can say “spam”? Read on to find out what to do.

How To Manage Email Marketing Campaigns For Maximum Profits

Email marketing is a central component of most internet-based business models. The ability to send email messages to a list of customers or prospective buyers is absolutely essential to building a successful online business. Building and maintaining this list should be a priority for every internet business entrepreneur. What many online marketers do not seem to understand, however, is exactly how to manage this list after it has been created.

Email Marketing – Tricks To Make Money

When it comes to email marketing one of the biggest factors is the size of your email list, but that is not what makes you the money. What most people don’t understand is that the size of your list doesn’t matter if you never send an email out.

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