The Importance of Building a Brand | How to Measure Size of Your Brand

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When you think about brands like McDonalds and Burger King, what comes to your mind?

Hamburgers, right?

That’s branding! When anchor yourself into a specific industry or term, you have created a large brand.

Just look at Kleenex, they’ve done such a great job that a lot of people don’t ask for a tissue, they ask for a “Kleenex”. Similar to how you ask for a coke when you are at a restaurant.

The goal of branding is to connect your name or company name with a specific product or service.

If you are trying to build a strong brand, think about the problem you are trying to solve and create messaging that breaks down your solution. Put your solution out there so people know what your company is all about.

Now when you are building your brand, remember Warren Buffett’s rule. Protect your brand at all costs.

If you want to see how your brand is doing, type it in within Google Trends. Your goal should be to create a graph that goes up and to the right. If it isn’t going up and to the right, you need to do more marketing.

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To begin with, I need to ensure it is clear that an unopened email is NOT the same as sending no email. Each week I get messages that I never open, however that I’m upbeat I get in light of the fact that I do trust I will get to looking at the substance sooner or later. Likewise, it helps me to remember the organization.

Email Marketing – Is It Dead or Alive?

Every minute of the day, an average of 200 million messages are sent. Seventy-two percent of adults say they prefer to communicate with companies via email. Furthermore, 73% of companies consider email marketing to be a core part of their business endeavors. Despite what many marketing professionals might tell you, email marketing is still very much alive.

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Think of The Newsletter as a Magazine – Every time you are thinking about writing a newsletter, think of it as a “micro magazine”. In terms of content, make sure that you are useful to the reader, but also have a relaxed tone and writing style. If you write subjectively, you can harm your credibility and if you write without doing a proper research on the subject, you can end up with a newsletter filled with incorrect information. Inaccurate and false information will offend and confuse your readers while damaging your credibility. Make sure that you provide various statistics, expert opinions and quotes to prove that your information is valid.

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The key to the email campaign is that we have to recognize what our purpose is, regardless of how we analyze any one particular email. The key is that we’re using this particular email set to accomplish a certain goal.

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