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Hi, my name is Kevin David and I’m an entrepreneur who helps people from all backgrounds make big money online. Though so far I’ve had success in my life, I still like to think I know the value of a dollar – which is why I find the current “I’m Broke Henry Movement” so unbelievable.

On Kevin David YouTube channel, I regularly provide FREE how to videos and guides that help people with no money get rich. It’s a passion of mine to guide people on the path to success, but for the HENRY millennials that no longer seems to be enough. These guys are earning $180,000 and are STILL not happy.

I guess there’s just no pleasing some people -but if $180,000+ a year sounds interesting to you, you’re in the right place. Subscribe to my channel and I can show you all the latest trends and tips to help you make your online fortune today!

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How To Easily Put Together A Newsletter To Send To Your Email List

A lot of people will say “I don’t just know what to write in some kind of a newsletter.” I would tell you that if you find it hard to write a newsletter, stop thinking about writing a newsletter. How about just writing a letter to a friend with news in it? That sounds a lot easier doesn’t it? We can all write letters to friends.

Why Use Email Marketing to Drive Online Sales?

Using email marketing can be a fantastic way of increasing traffic and therefore sales for your website or business. We take a look at how you can use email marketing to achieve extra traffic and therefore push your sales into a whole new dimension.

Email Marketing Tools For Maximum Impact

Choosing the right email marketing tools is just as critical to the long term success of your business as your choice of web hosting and internet service provider. Ideally the tools that you choose to utilize should not only help you connect with your prospects and customers more effectively, but they should also help to maximize the efficiency and impact of those interactions. Ultimately, having the right set of tools at your disposal can lead your business to greater levels of productivity, while increasing the overall profitability at the same time.

How To Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Online Network Marketing Business

Writing effective e-mail marketing campaigns for your online network marketing business is really not that hard. The most important thing to remember in e-mail marketing is that the more content you write the better your prospects will trust you. Read on to learn how.

Email Marketing Straight to Your Customer’s Inbox

Perhaps one of the most important components of Internet marketing is electronic mail. A form of direct marketing that makes use of email to communicate commercial messages directly to consumers, email marketing is one of the most popular ways by which companies can reach their target audiences directly. This form of marketing can be interpreted in many different ways.

No Excuses Summit – Two Email Subject Lines That Will Give You More Opens

The first No Excuses Summit was phenomenal. I’ve heard about the importance to getting to live events and thought it was a great idea but I didn’t realize how important it was until I was sitting in the room with 1000 other like-minded entrepreneurs. I learned two email subject lines, from Mark Hoverson, that can give you more opens and more sales.

Double or Triple Your Profits With This Email Marketing Secret

Most marketers will send all their traffic (potential prospects) to a sales page where they will convert around 2% if they’re good. But what about the other 98%, where do they go? They will leave that page forever and probably never come back! Instead of doing things the traditional way, setup a squeeze page so you can capture names and email addresses and followup with those people. Once you can build a relationship with those people you will convert much more than just 2% of them to double or triple your profits.

Newsletters And Mailing List: Things To Avoid

You should steer clear of all the troubles while you create your opt-in list and the matter no longer remains restricted to mere sending newsletter and catalogs. There are some important things that you should avoid at all costs so that your subscribers don’t have a feeling of opting out of the mailing list.

When Will the “Death of Email” Die?

Email is dying, again. If you didn’t know this, you must have been waiting for the email. According to comScore, usage of web-based email plummeted again last year, and that means that the “email is dying” crowd is out in full force, once again promoting the notion that the mobile phone and social media are making email irrelevant.

11 Different Ideas To Segment Your Email Lists

Segmenting your email lists is an effective but rarely used techniques. In this article, I want to share with you 11 different ways you can segment your email lists.

Email Marketing – Do’s and Don’ts

1. Ask for Permission: Email is the most influential and yet the most risky means of communications. Without permission you not just risk losing customer goodwill, you could also end up being blacklisted by ISPs that decline every mail coming from your domain if spamming objections have been made against you.

Email Marketing With Motion and Emotion

Video brings motion and emotion to your customer email marketing. It can change the way a customer interacts with you and how they feel. When you do video marketing right, customers can’t help but notice you!

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