The Effective Ranking Factor That Google Doesn’t Want You to Know About

If you want to grow your rankings, what do you do?

You build links, optimize your on-page code and you improve your user metrics.

But there is one other metric that is really important that impacts rankings. It’s branded queries.

The more people typing in your domain name and brand the higher your rankings will grow as long as they click on your search listing.

I used to rank on page 2 for “online marketing” and now I rank on page 1 for “online marketing”. The only differences is that I have more brand queries.

Over the years more people have been Google my brand name and this has caused my rankings to spike. But for this to be impactful you need to continually grow your brand.

The way you do this is by consistently blogging, marketing, participating on the social web and growing your name within your community.

If you are unsure of why you need to build a strong brand, think of this scenario. If both BMW and GM both have millions of backlinks, who should Google rank first? A lot has to come down to brand queries as this tells Google which car manufacturer people prefer.

Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error! What to Do Next?

Google provides 15 GB storage distributed as Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail equally. If you use the Google account via the office or the school, you can upgrade to 30 GB extra storage space. Additionally, you can add extra storage space for Gmail, as it is payable to use the 15 GB extra limit. Due to lack of technical knowledge, many users don’t know that they can use limited storage space and in the case of storage limit running out, they can’t send/receive emails.

Writing a Newsletter

Newsletters are one of the best freebies to send your clients and subscribers. Sending newsletters on a regular basis helps you to establish connections between you and your clients. Aside from this, if your clients find your newsletters useful, they may mention it to their friends, families, and acquaintances. This makes your newsletters a valuable marketing tool, as it can help your number of subscribers grow in numbers in a short time.

What Can You Do To Increase Your Email Open Rate?

As online marketers we of course want to have as high email open rates as possible for the emails that we are sending out to our list. In this article I will explain how you can get more subscribers to open your emails This could mean that you will make more money in your business.

Tweak Your Welcome Email For Instant Profits

The welcome email your subscribers receive after signing up for your list is the most read email on your entire list. Just about anyone subscribing will read it to get their opt-in freebie.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

Email is a a very versatile and efficient form of establishing communication with your customers, potential customers and to advertise your services. If used correctly, you can learn more about your email list in just a few days than traditional brick and mortar stores can in a year! In this article, I will briefly discuss how email marketing can help you, regardless of your operating budget!

Starting Engagement From Day One Will Help With Email Deliverability

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business and make sales. Before that can happen you need to build a relationship with your readers and earn their trust.

How To Strike A Balance Between Free Content And Paid Offers

Successful email marketing is a balancing act between sharing quality free content that shows your readers that you know what you’re talking about and keeps them on your list, and offers for paid products, so you can earn a living. Let’s talk about how you can find that balance, and come up with a successful email marketing strategy.

Follow-Up Emails For a Sales Funnel

This is a proven technique that increases your revenue. Without any additional work traffic or effort and you can increase your revenue just like that. What you need to do is only focusing on directing traffics to your site, getting them to buy your frontend product, and the sales funnel will do the rest of the selling. As usual you still have to do all the normal groundwork which consists of sending promotional emails to your subscribers and recruiting JVs and affiliates. This time there’s just one additional element which is the sales funnel. Set up the sales funnel in the marketplace and let it run throughout your sales campaign. The best part is that you can make it run automatically.

8 Steps to Effective Email Marketing Content

Everyone is doing email marketing, which is why yours has to be top notch if it’s to get noticed. This article looks at 8 steps to creating powerful email content.

Email or Monthly Newsletter

You may have the same problem so I wish to help you here. The problem this South Australian business has is: “What to write in their monthly newsletter.”

Why Email Swipe Files Flat Line Sales

How people giving away email swipe files and email templates will cause a huge drop in your email marketing sales and response. Discover a simple work around for using email autoresponder swipes and what you should be doing instead!

Use Varying Types of Emails to Build Relationships With Your Clients

Email marketing is one of the simplest methods of communication you can use in Internet Marketing. It is also the one thing that will absolutely destroy your business if done wrong. In this article, I will discuss the true purpose for email marketing (and it is NOT to “get sales”).

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