SWEATCOIN: Can You REALLY Make Money Walking?!

I test the app Sweatcoin to see if you can really work from home just by walking. Make money online!
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When you hear about apps that you can make money from your smart phone, android or iphone, then you may be a little skeptical. But there are plenty of money making apps in 2019 and 2020 that allow you to work from home, and make money online. Today, I test the app Sweatcoin the Kevin David way, to figure out once and for all, can you really make money with Sweatcoin, just for walking?

I break down step by step how Sweatcoin works, and how you earn sweatcoins, how to cash out your sweatcoins, and just how much money you can make with Sweatcoin if you did like I did and walk your butt off every day!

So enjoy this video on the newest money making app of 2020, Sweatcoin. Check out the rest of the videos on my channel and start to make money online in 2020 and find your perfect online business or work from home job!




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