Replug Lead Generation Campaign Setup

This video shows how to set up a lead generation campaign in Replug.

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Replug is a custom URL shortener that lets you create branded custom shortened links and embed retargeting pixels, display CTA widgets, and 3rd party widgets on links you share on social media channels and the entire web!

Using Different Types of E-Mail In Your Marketing Campaigns

Many, if not most, Internet marketers use e-mail marketing campaigns as the mainstay of their business. The chances are that they use a newsletter format, which seems to be the most common type of e-mail campaign. Here are four additional e-mail formats that you might want to consider using as you connect with your subscribers.

Are You Using An Autoresponder In Your Business?

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools that you can have if you are doing business online. An autoresponder is software which contains your database or list of contacts and can be used to transmit emails automatically 24/7 and at a specific time you wish.

How Does CASL Affect Email Marketing?

How does Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) – which came into being on July 1, 2014 – affect your email marketing strategies? CASL was passed for individuals, incorporated and unincorporated businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Those who use email, SMS, social media or instant messaging to send promotional, commercial information about their organizations to customers, prospects and other audiences, in or from Canada, need to include some basic requirements.

Understanding What Email Marketing Is

Do you understand what email marketing is? If you do not, you do not have to worry just yet. This is because the concept of email marketing is relatively new to many internet starter.

Make Use of Email Marketing to Promote Your Products

In this day and age of marketing blitzes, it is very tough to gain the attention of viewers. Marketing techniques that aim specific audiences have managed to break through this attention deficit and elicit a response from the people. Online marketing is one such strategy that has made a difference. Email marketing is the most widely used technique in online marketing.

You Must Use Email

It’s Been A While Chickadee… Don’t ya just love it when your life takes over and you drop some old routines for new ones…

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Email Stats

You craft an awesome email blast. Your subject line couldn’t be better. You click send. And then you check your email stats. With all of those numbers and percentages, where should you even begin?

Anatomy of an Email: How to Craft Emails That Get Opened and Clicked

Why do some of your emails get high open rates, while others sit in people’s inboxes collecting dust? If your open rates and click-through rates are inconsistent, it could be because you’re not following a strategic email blueprint.

Need of a Third Party: For Email Marketing Services

The need for an independent third party rendering email marketing services has increased many folds in the recent past. It has become inevitable to survive without spreading the word of your product/service.

Are You Compliant With the New CASL Anti-Spam Email Marketing Law?

If you’re Canadian and you’ve been trying to comply with the CAN-SPAM email marketing federal law in the USA, then you’re on the right track, but there’s a new law in town that came into effect on July 1, 2014. This law will also apply to anyone in another country sending mail to Canadians, so pay attention!

Six Steps to Six Figures With List Marketing

Learn six steps to earn six figures with list marketing. There is only one system that all the top earners are using and it is based on these steps.

3 Email Marketing Debates Even Top Marketers Can’t Agree On

Getting a straight answer when it comes to email marketing can feel like to trying to solicit tax advice from a four year-old. How the heck are you supposed to know who’s wrong, who’s right, what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to your email marketing?

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