Replug Custom Widgets Campaign Setup

This video shows how to set up a Custom widgets campaign in Replug.

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Replug is a custom URL shortener that lets you create branded custom shortened links and embed retargeting pixels, display CTA widgets, and 3rd party widgets on links you share on social media channels and the entire web!

The Reasons to Use an Email Sender for Your Business

Using an email sender to send off your email marketing campaign is the easiest way to ensure that your list gets your latest email. They are easy to work with and they are a true time management tool. Simply upload your list, and your template, and your entire list will be sent.

Writing a Killer “Sales” Email

Sales emails work wonders when you get them right, but if you miss the point you could do some serious damage to your reputation. This article looks at how to create effective sales emails that actually work.

The Harm of Buying an Email List That You Should Know

If you need an email list, there’s two available options, you can buy a list or build your own. There are several companies offering email list, however this is a rather harmful strategy. This is a result of the fact that when you choose to buy a list, you risk the value of a list.

How to Create Systems to Simplify Your Email Marketing

You need to have strong email marketing systems in place in order to effectively monetize your email list. Why? Because sending out email marketing without having systems in place is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

How To Do Email Marketing Like The Pros

Effective email marketing campaigns attract new customers, keep and build relationships with existing ones and up-sell or cross-sell your products and services. As a result, you generate more sales and more profits!

5 Simple Tips to Tweak Your Email Campaigns and Increase Email Open Rates

Many people who get started in running e-mail marketing campaigns lack the knowledge to do so properly. This article gives tips on how to market more effectively through e-mail campaigns.

How to Write Better and Increase Your Article Marketing Success

If you’re an Internet marketer, then you need to work on one single skill above all others – writing. Even if you outsource your content creation to a professional freelancer, it helps to know what good writing for the ‘net equates to, or you won’t be able to discern good deliverable from bad ones.

4 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

Spam filters are there to make our lives easier. They help to minimize the time we spend hitting the delete key in our email programs. This is great… for consumers… but for marketers, things get hard quickly. Over the years, it has become harder and hard to “get to the inbox.” Fortunately, sticking to some core principles really helps a lot. Here are 4 quick things you can do to help your emails get to the inbox.

Miscellaneous List Building Tips

Having a hard time promoting your business? Then these email list building tips are highly recommended for you to keep things smooth in your business online. You can’t just rely on people accidentally going to your web page; you need to make people visit your page. However, visiting the page once cannot guarantee the loyalty of subscribers. Once your email list is created, the task is shifted to maintaining those people in the list as frequent visitors of your page.

Flawless List Building Tactics in Two Ways

Email List Building is a method by which you send through email the link of you website in order to promote it. Instead of relying merely on the traffic of your web page or on the social media network posts, email list building tactics keep you in contact with your subscribers. It is obvious that almost all internet-savvy people have email addresses. So the target parameter can be as limitless as possible. In social networks, once you posted the link of your page, you cannot be assured that people would visit it. Most likely, they won’t. Your web page would easily be ignored or forgotten, consequently bringing your business down. This is why email list building tactics are invented – to maintain the required number of subscribers or maximize it.

3 Tips on Effective Direct Mail Marketing

The marketing industry is fiercely competitive as a result of which most consumers are inundated with calls, text messages, emails, and direct mail from myriad sources. To increase the likelihood that your marketing material is read or opened in the first place, it’s important to stand out from the clutter.

Why Every Great Email Includes These 5 Things

Great email marketing isn’t a mystery. While we may never know why some YouTube videos go viral and others don’t, it’s easy to tell why some emails succeed and others get sent straight to the trash folder. Great emails – the kind that get opened, clicked, shared and saved to read again – always contain these 5 crucial elements.

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