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This video shows how to set up a Call To Action campaign in Replug.

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Replug is a custom URL shortener that lets you create branded custom shortened links and embed retargeting pixels, display CTA widgets, and 3rd party widgets on links you share on social media channels and the entire web!

Is Email Marketing Still a Good Marketing Strategy?

In today’s technology, change is constant and quick. Gone are the days when email marketing was the only good communicating platform. Today, there is an array of online marketing solutions available to businesses. Among hundreds of options, it is not easy to choose the right one for your business. Surprisingly, e-mail marketing still provides effective results.

MailChimp Vs Constant Content Vs Aweber – Best Email Marketing Tool for Your Online Business?

The social media revolution has brought in significant changes to online marketing strategies. Today, the social media and the mobile media play an important role in ad campaigns. Surprisingly, email marketing is still the best marketing strategy that businesses cannot ignore. Today, there are different email marketing services available for businesses.

List Building Strategy: Its Meaning and Advantages

Email list building strategy is the method by which you promote a website via hundreds and thousands of email addresses (depending on your list). Why the email? It is because everyone has an email address. Emails are more often opened than social media accounts. Social media networks underperform emails due to the fact that the link of web pages is only posted, and let it be seen by those who are interested.. If you are targeting every account in that social media site as possible subscribers or merely “clickers” for that page, then you are doing the wrong thing and making the wrong assumption.. If you are targeting every account in that social media site as possible subscribers or merely “clickers” for that page, then you are doing the wrong thing and making the wrong assumption. There are more people who would not waste their time visiting your page, especially if they really have no interest in what the business web site is all about. But in email list building tactics, this is not the case.

Change Your Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates in 4 Steps

Although email is one of the most handy digital communication tools, many marketers struggle to attain significant conversion rates with it. On any given day, email users are bombarded by tens or hundreds of emails.

12 Critical Factors of Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of generating interest in your online business. These twelve factors ensure you make the most of this excellent traffic generating system.

Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing: What Is Best for You?

Though social media is a valuable tool to keep your customers engaged, spending more time on it and neglecting your email marketing can affect your sales. Business owners who leverage email most effectively are often big winners.

4 Simple Email Marketing Tips for More Conversions

One of the best ways on how you can reach out to your customers is by email marketing. Some say that this has become old fashion and gives little to no conversion at all for your site. Well, this is not true.

How To Carry Out Effective Branded Email Marketing

One of the most effective but overlooked methods of popularizing and promoting a business is through branded email marketing. Through this technique, a business can market their brand in an original but interesting way.

The Appeal of Email Marketing As an SEM Tool

Business is all about marketing and email marketing is the most suitable, affordable, effective, and tested method of creating awareness. In this article we list a few reasons to embrace email marketing.

4 Email Marketing Tips That Will Make A Difference

An email marketing campaign is a low cost and fast way to reach out to your customer base. If you have the right software, it’s easy to track the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign as you can see who has opened your opened your email, who has clicked on the links within your email and who has actually made a purchase.

What Being an Email Marketer Has Taught Me

Until recently I have never thought email marketing was so wonderful. Imagine making friends all over the world. My readers and I have something in common. This is the niche market which I find most interesting.

Is Sending A Newsletter A Waste Of Your Time, Energy And Money?

Is sending out a regular newsletter (and email marketing in general,) a waste of your time? Even though social media and text messages have become a daily habit, the fact remains that email marketing – including a business newsletter – remains one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing methods for entrepreneurs.

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