Receive A Free US Bank Account For Non-US Residents

This video shows how to open a US bank account for non-US residents for free.

Here are the steps and links that you need to open a virtual US bank account for non-American citizens.


Sign up for as many services as possible.

Become a video game tester:

Become an email affiliate marketer:

Sign up for Clickfunnels affiliate program:
Sign up for Aweber:

Become a freelancer:

Sign up for Fiverr:
Sign up for Freelancer:

Become a blogger (optional, but works pretty well):

Start your blog on Bluehost:


Sign up for Payoneer:




Once you activated your Payoneer account through MasterCard activation, you would be received an email to apply for Payoneer US bank account service where you can open a virtual US bank account.

Reply to that email and describe that you have an online business and require a US bank account to receive payments from US companies such as ShareASale, ClickBank, Commission Junction, Freelancer, Fiverr etc.

Now JVZoo also supports Zift payments as an affiliate and vendor/seller payment method, for Non-US internet marketers, especially ones in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil etc., can use Payoneer US banking service to open an US Virtual bank account free and receive JVZoo payments.

Mention all things that you can do to convince the Payoneer team to approve your application.


Depending on your request letter and which platform you used (e.g: Freelancing, email affiliate marketing), you would receive a US bank account.

First Century and Bank of America are two of most popular US bank accounts received by Payoneer for most users.

That is all!

When you follow all the steps in this video, you will be able to open US bank account for people outside the United States successfully.

Here’s the details How-to guide on opening a US Bank account for free. (Check VBA):

So, were you able to open a US bank account? How was your experience with Payoneer US banking service?

Share your comments in below.

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