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Why Should I Opt-In?

Stand-alone e-mail marketers face challenges with cluttered inboxes. Open rates are on the decline. Find out the top reasons why customers opt in to e-mail lists.

What’s Your Best Pick-Up Line?

Who would have thought pick-up lines at a bar and email subject lines could be so similar? As your subject line is the first form of contact with your potential customers, it must be remarkable.

Email Marketing and Ice Cream Shops

Summertime is the best time of year for ice cream shops! Everyone wants some relief for the heat and ice cream provides it in the quickest and tastiest fashion possible.

Traveling Carnivals and Email Marketing

There’s no better summertime staple than attending a carnival! From the rides to the games to the midway food, a carnival is a joy for people of all ages. Publicizing these traveling carnivals is a challenge, though. Newspapers used to be a reliable source of advertising and marketing before their dramatic declines in readership. And television and radio aren’t realistic options for budget-conscious carnival organizers.

How Email Marketing Can Help Local Adult Sports Leagues

Who said your days of competitive sports had to end with high school graduation? Athletes of all ages, from teenagers to senior citizens, still feed their competitive juices in adult sports leagues. But organizing and maintaining these leagues is tougher than ever. Working 40 hours (or more) and raising a family doesn’t leave much spare time for most adults. And many people don’t want to spend that time chasing down team and league members to let them know of scheduling and roster news.

Politicians and Email Marketing

Every year is an election year somewhere! But voters tend to pay more attention-both to politics and to the advertising involved in campaigns-during presidential campaigns. And the upcoming battle for the White House is a good opportunity for politicians from both parties and of all municipalities to look into how they can better promote and advertise themselves.

Local Coffee Shops and Email Marketing

The local coffee shop is the pulse of America! For generations now, the coffee shop has been a gathering spot for locals of all ages-a meeting place for young couples and groups of friends as well as the destination for a town’s old-timers to gather and discuss various topics both new and old.

Email Marketing and National Parks

Summers are the best time of the year for America’s national parks, which provide tourists with timeless sights and memories to last for generations. National parks are an especially popular destination for those within driving distance, as families continue to adapt to the lingering economic downturn and look more and more at “staycations” as they try to figure out how to get away while remaining close to home.

Bakeries and Email Marketing

An independent baker is faced with plenty of challenges as he or she tries to build a business and a career today. With giant wholesale stores such as Costco and BJ’s offering cakes and all sorts of party-sized pastries at rock-bottom prices, as well as the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera Bread and Starbucks offering bagels, donuts and other pastries at affordable prices at thousands of locations nationwide, it is increasingly difficult for the “Mom and Pop” bakery to survive, never mind thrive.

Doing Unto Others

The Golden Rule is often ignored in our busy world of Internet news and commerce. Developing a fan base is important in all aspects of marketing, something that is all to often ignored.

What Is Your Irresistible Offer?

Have you ever come across something be it an advertisement, pamphlet, or signpost that has just caught your attention within the first few seconds of you seeing it? If you can remember such a thing, then you have been the recipient of someone’s ‘irresistible offer’.

How To Send Videos By Email

Sending videos by email can be tricky due to the large file sizes. If you have been having trouble sending videos in emails this article will give you the help you need.

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