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Top 7 Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is the most powerful online advertising method. Emails are widely used to communicate in businesses and individuals. If you target your customers through an effective email campaign you success rate would be amazing and quick. Here are some tips you can follow in your email marketing to get good results.

Lead Tracking As an Effective Email Marketing Solution

Tracking the success of advertising campaigns is important to businesses so that return on investment can be established and the most effective campaigns selected for further use and development. The addition of email marketing to the arsenal of marketing tools for most companies is beneficial in terms of cost effectiveness and reducing time constraints.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing – More Than Just A Networking Tool

If you haven’t experienced it yet, LinkedIn is a social networking tool where you are able to connect with previous and current colleagues and classmates, discover inside connections when looking for a new job; all while having the ability to tap into a network of industry experts. LinkedIn can be argued to be a full-fledged social network or as a simple contact list or business network, but whatever it is, it has attracted over 20 million members, and it has a lot to offer regardless of where you are in your career. LinkedIn is used by businesses and departments…

4 Strategies for E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is very much in vogue. There are plenty of tactics that offer to improve the click through rate of your emails. With all the techniques and strategies out there, how can you find the tactics that work best for your purposes? What are the e-mail marketing and online marketing strategies that most of the big guns are using? How do you find out about them? Starting out with four key ideas about improving e-mail marketing is a good way to begin and is not as intimidating as trying to learn about everything all at once.

The Benefits of New Advancements in Email Marketing Technology to Business

The development of Customer Relations Management Programs (CRM) has been crucial to lead tracking. Good CRM programs will help you track your email marketing campaigns effectiveness and hence allow you to make smart decisions about future campaigns. Lead tracking can also help with management, sales, marketing and customer services in several ways including how to improve the sales process, improving website landing pages, improving blogs and social media campaigns as well as email marketing campaigns.

The End of Free Email?

AOL and Yahoo have quietly announced that they want to charge businesses for delivering their emails. The end is near….. if AOL and Yahoo get this put through, when you send an email to anyone with a Yahoo or AOL email address, they’ll be sending you a bill. It was bound to happen.

Getting the ‘Two Ticks’ When It Comes to Your Email’s Inbox Visibility

How to increase your inbox visibility and maximise your email marketing strategy When you employ an email marketing strategy, you have to plan right down to when your client actually reads the email. After that, it’s out of your hands and your job is done.

Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing overcomes many of the challenges facing traditional marketing, with the big advantages being that you can target segmented audiences effectively and results can be easily tracked. This article aims to explain some of the best email marketing practices and new strategies that are used for improving email response rates:

Getting Results From Your Email Marketing

Times are changing in email marketing and social media. Many people think they are doing it right but they are using out-dated techniques and missing the potential. People will opt-in to get your prizes on Facebook and Twitter but relational marketing is the only way to keep them intrigued with your unique sales proposition. Here are some simple tips and techniques to keep them coming back again and again. Increase your bottom line by doing it right.

Getting Started With A Simple And Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing and social network marketing is the fasted growing form of advertising used by Fortune 500 companies today. It is easier to get repeat business with customers who have already purchased. These are some simple techniques to start your own permission based email marketing campaign so that you can use this powerful strategy to increase your bottom line.

Email Marketing and How to Use Auto-Responders

If you want to succeed with an online business, it’s absolutely crucial that you use an auto-responder service. In essence, auto-responders act as your secretary, doing the hard work for you and liaising with customers, leaving you with more free time to develop your business and earn more money. Here are a few tips on how to use them to boost your business…

Email Marketing Tip – Why You Shouldn’t Go Directly To Your Partner’s List in a Joint Venture

I’ve got a great product, with a small list. My partner has a huge list. We combine forces, and now do I email his list?

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