How to Write Engaging Blog Content For Boring Industries

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you can still create amazing content that goes viral.
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So if you want to create viral content for your industry you should first look on Reddit to see what has done well within your space.

For example, if you are in the life insurance space, on Reddit you would search for “life insurance” as well as related terms like death, and money.

From there create more detailed versions of the content that has done well. For example, a viral piece of content that I have written in the past is “19 Things You Didn’t Know About Death”. Not only did the post go viral, but it started to rank for “life insurance”.

I came up with that idea because someone else wrote a similar article that discussed the 10 things you didn’t know about death. Mine was just more detailed.

The key with creating engaging content is to look for facts. People love to share facts on the social web.

You can also find ideas for your industry by doing searches on Buzzsumo and Quora. Buzzsumo sorts content by popularity (social shares).

With Quora look for questions with a lot of comments and votes. You can then turn those questions into a detailed blog post on your site.

Whatever you decide to write on, make sure the content is very detailed and thorough.

Reduce Spam Complaints By Sending More Emails

So a while back I was speaking to an email marketing friend. We were talking about spam, which we can all agree, we hate. In fact, just the word alone gives me the shivers after trying (and seriously gagging on) spam of the food variety back when I was at school during a “WW2 Day”. Yes, that taste has haunted me ever since. But of course, the email variety of spam is just as bad.

Why You Should Learn A New Email Marketing Technique

After years of not-so-gentle persuasion, my brother’s finally joined the gym. We’re training together which is cool. But even though I’ve been lifting weights for years, Dan (my brother) is still finding one thing much easier than me. Here’s what you can learn about email marketing from a gym “newbie”.

Do You Like It Hard Or Soft?

I first learned what you’re about to find out from email marketing genius, Ben Settle. He, in turn, learned it from the legendary Matt Furey… So what I’m about to tell you isn’t a “pie in the sky” formula.

The Cardinal Sin Of Email Copywriting

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing an email, a sales letter, or any other form of copy. This “cardinal sin” applies to ALL forms of copywriting. And if you’re doing this, then your sales copy is gonna flat-out suck.

Not Doing This One Thing Is Costing You Thousands

If you don’t do this one thing in your email marketing, you are losing out on thousands. This “thing” is nothing complicated. Nor is it even going to cost you a single penny to implement. But so many business people don’t do this in their emails and they’re losing out on thousands of pounds/dollars because of it.

Email Marketing Lessons From The Gym

What can the gym teach you about making more money with email? Well, surprisingly a lot. Here’s how…

How Often Should You Email Your Email List?

Some self-proclaimed email marketing experts (I call them the “egg-sperts”) will tell you “quality over quantity”. I’ll tell you they’re only half right. Yes, each email you send must be high quality (which is where you provide both value and entertainment to your email list). But it shouldn’t be a case of quality over quantity. Instead, you should be combining quality with quantity.

How To Optimise Your Opt-In Box To Grow Your Email List Fast

Let’s say a potential prospect is on your website. Just how do you persuade them to opt-in to your email list? Well, the best way is to make sure you’ve got a compelling headline in your opt-in box. You haven’t got much space and many words to play with here. So you need to concisely state the benefits people will get from opting in.

A Brutally Effective Way To Build Trust And Respect Amongst Your Email List

Too many business people look to sell their products and services before their prospects respect and trust them. This is a very poor strategy. Because after all, people need to know that you’re someone with plenty of integrity. They want to feel confident that if they buy your product or service, they’re going to get a great return on their investment in terms of the value they get from it. So what is the number one way to make sure you gain the trust and respect of your prospects?

How To Build An Email List Using Nothing But Blog Posts

How to build an email list? A question asked by both seasoned and “newbie” email marketers alike. After all, if your email marketing is going to be successful (in other words, if it’s going to make you a lot of money) then you’re going to need an email list full of genuine prospects. If you fail to build an email list like this, then whatever email marketing strategy you planned on using will fail. There are numerous ways in which you can build an email list. Some involve paid advertising methods; others involve methods which allow you to build an email list for FREE. You’ll learn about one of these free methods today.

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The ONE word that will change your email marketing. See how to nurture your leads and turn them into clients and customers.

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