How to Send Auto-DM (Direct Message) to New Twitter Followers

Send auto-DMs using this free Twitter tool:

Create high-converting landing pages for your Twitter followers using this tool:

(Send your Twitter followers to your landing pages to get them subscribed to your email list)


** How to Send Auto-DM (Direct Message) to New Twitter Followers **

Have you ever thought how other Twitter power users send direct messages for new twitter follower?

Do they send Twitter DMs manually? No, they send Direct messages automatically on Twitter!

The set up is pretty straightforward, in fact.

Here’s how to set up your Twitter Auto-DM settings.

STEP 1: Click the link below to visit a website.
The, create your account.

STEP 2: Connect your Twitter account

STEP 3: Tick on the box under “Send an auto-DM to new followers” and enter your direct message.

Watch the video to find an example auto-DM setup.

You can also insert an URL to direct new followers to your landing pages, Facebook page etc.

You can also compare your progress in the ‘Statistics’ page to see which Twitter auto direct messages are performing well for your audience.

By following these methods you can easily set up auto-DM for new Twitter followers. Make sure to ask them to subscribe to your mailing list so that you have their email address as well. Also, you can use Twitter auto direct messages to ask them to follow you on other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and VKontakte.

Sending auto-DMs on Twitter is a powerful method not only for increasing Twitter engagement, but also build a relationship with your followers too.

Also, posting direct messages automatically on Twitter can help you understand your audience as well.


Here’s how to use Twitter auto direct messages to understand your Twitter followers for free.

* Ask your new followers question.
* Ask them how you can help them
* Ask them what they are interested in and want help with.

These can guide you to understand your Twitter follower base by automatically Twitter direct messages.

Be sure to check out these YouTube tutorials if you are on to Twitter marketing:

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So, how did you send auto-dm to new Twitter followers before? which tool did you use to send auto messages on Twitter? Share your comments below.

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