How to Promote Your Content When You Have No Followers

Who said you need social media followers to get more traffic to your blog?
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Whether you have social media fans or you are starting out from scratch, here is what you need to do:

You need to link out to industry sites. It doesn’t matter if it is a competitor. By linking out when you are citing facts or sources, it will build trust with your audience.

You can’t just write a blog post with claims and not cite your sources. This will damage your reputation.

Once I link out to people ask them to share my content on the social web. In essence, I am emailing every person I link out to.

Within that email, I ask them to share my post on their favorite social network. This works well because people don’t mind promoting you when you are promoting them via a link. Here is the email template I use:

Hey [website owner],

I love your work, so much so that I even linked out to you in my latest blog post.

[insert link to your blog post]

Feel free to check it out.

[Your name]

PS: If you shared this post it wouldn’t just make my day, it would make my year.

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