How to Open a Virtual US Bank Account 2019: Step-by-Step Guide Creating Your USA Bank Account Online

Read the step by step to guide:

*****Open US Virtual Bank Account – Steps ******

Step #1: Become an Internet Marketer/affiliate marketer:

ShareASale Affiliate Network link:
Online Writing Jobs link:
Paid social media jobs link:
ClickBank University Link:
Game Tester Jobs link:

(Note: Join to as many as US job places as possible. The more networks you join, the more chance to get your Virtual US bank account faster)

Step #2: Create Your Payoneer Account:

Payoneer Account:

Step #3: Apply for Payoneer US banking service to get your free US checking the bank account.


Explanation: How to Open a Virtual US Bank Account Online for FREE

Getting a free online bank account seems harder, right?

But, in fact, you can open a USA banking account online for free. With a virtual bank account, you can,

1. Receive payments from US companies faster and safely.
2. Alternative to PayPal. Even though you can’t verify PayPal using Payoneer, you can use it as a PayPal alternative. Yes, in a few years ago, you were able to confirm your PayPal account using Payoneer. Now it cannot be.

I use PayPal to receive my affiliate network earnings and get fast payouts from US companies. This is actually really helpful.

If you want to learn about your Virtual bank account, read this article:

We use Payoneer to create your online checking bank account. You should be at least 18 years old. It can’t be used for creating a bank account for kids. If you’re under 18, you can create USA virtual bank account for your parent or any other adult.

Not only, you’ll get a free virtual bank account, but also a free MasterCard too. This MasterCard can be used anywhere where Mastercard withdrawal is supported. Even you can link your local bank account, and withdraw/transfer money from Payoneer to your local saving bank account directly. This is very helpful because you no more want to wait weeks, months to receive your monthly paycheck from US companies such as ClickBank, Themeforest, freelancer, Odesk, Shareasale, Fiverr, etc. You can withdraw your earnings to Payoneer account through US virtual bank account (checking bank) and then transfer them to your local saving account or withdraw them using your free Mastercard.

This video on How to open a US virtual bank account ( ) will show you what steps you need to complete to get a virtual USA bank account online.

I hope you’d enjoyed seeing your virtual credit card because I too was surprised seeing it. I got a first-century bank account. But, you may get a bank account from Bank of America (BOA) or any other banking company.

The bank name actually isn’t necessary, what actually matters is whether you get a free virtual US bank account online. You can also use your Payoneer account to recharge your prepaid mobile SIM, shop in Amazon, eBay, buy domains from Godaddy, get hosting from Bluehost, WPengine and also get other stuff online. It supports various payment services too. You can link your credit card to PayPal account. In that way, you can verify your PayPal account quickly and faster.

With these steps, you are going to get a virtual us bank account with debit card, not just learn How To Open a Bank Account Online. I have reviewed the Payoneer and its features, advantages in my blog post. You may check it out now.

This Mastercard is shipped to your home/ or where you want anywhere in the world for free. It doesn’t matter if you live in UK, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, South Africa or any country you name. You’ll receive the Payoneer Mastercard for free. This Payoneer us virtual bank account is very easy to set up. But, as I explained you want to prove that you are a real businessman, internet marketer, freelancer or a webmaster. There are lots of ways to show it. The methods I explained are easy to follow and set up. But, remember, if your Payoneer virtual payment service application is rejected, it’s tough to revert back and get a virtual US bank account again through Payoneer. That’s why I recommend you to check multiple times your application letter.

Yes, it may take a few weeks to receive your Payoneer master debit card. But, you will win it anyhow.

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