How to Open a UK Bank Account for Non-UK Residents Online for Free

Open a UK Bank Account for Non-UK Residents for Free.

** Follow these steps respectively. **


#1: Become Email Affiliate Marketer

Sign up for Aweber:
Get your free Affiliates Sales Funnel:
Sign up for Udimi:

#2: Start a blog

Start your WordPress blog on Bluehost:

#3: Become a freelancer

Sign up for Freelancer:


Sign up Payoneer:


Follow steps in this article (check the sections regarding opening a bank account. Skip the first step)


Do you want to open a United Kindom bank account?

Are you a non-UK resident? and want a UK bank account that supports GBP (Great Britain Pound)?

Or are you working for a UK company and searching for a good way to receive payments from UK companies fast and securely?

Then follow the steps in this video to receive your UK bank account.

Once you followed the instructions above, you will have a UK bank account that you can use for receiving payments from UK companies.

But, please note that…

* Only BACS and Faster Payments Service (UK local bank) transfers in GBP can be accepted
* Transfers must be made from a company bank account
* Transfers in USD will be automatically rejected
* Wire transfers are not supported

You can use this UK virtual bank account for payments from some US companies like ClickBank, ShareASale too.

Learn more about Payoneer Financial Service Company at WikiPedia:

Watch how to open a US bank account online:

So, do you have any question about creating a UK bank account? Drop your comments below. I will reply ASAP.

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