How to Make Content Lockers & Generate More Leads

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In this video, you will learn how to make a content locker to offer premium content to collect email addresses, get more social shares on your site.

You will often encounter many websites such as news webs, blogs, magazines, etc., ask user’s email IDs, or to login to read the entire article. Some blogs use content lock tools to offer premium content to readers.

Now you too can create a content locker widget and use it to build your email list so fast.

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We are using Convertful widgets to make a content locker plugin. Read the review on it here:

Here are the scene details of this creating a content locker widget tutorial.

Scene 1
How to Make “Content Lockers” and Generate More Leads
Scene 2
You will learn how to create a content locker for your site easily under 5 minutes!
Follow the steps in this video respectively.
Scene 3
STEP 01.
Click the link in the description below and create your account.
Scene 4
STEP 02.
Add your website.
Scene 5
STEP 03.
Click on the “Create Widget” button.
Scene 6
You will be given a lot of templates.
Scene 7
STEP 04.
Select an “Inline” form template because you are going to embed on a web page.
Scene 8
STEP 05.
Enable the “Lock Content Itself” option under the “Widget Settings.”
Scene 9
STEP 06.
Embed the Opt-in locker on your web page.
Scene 10
Here is an example.
See the content after the “Content Locker” widget is blurred.
Scene 11
That’s it! Thanks for Watching!
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Scene 12
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Tips to Ensure Success of Email Marketing!

Compared to the traditional forms of marketing, email marketing is fast emerging as a popular and cost effective option. The reason for this popularity is simple. First things first, sending email is easy because you have to simply click the button and your job is done.

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Social email marketing offers an effective new way of reaching your targeted audiences through social media to Make Money Online without working too hard for it. Millions of Social Media users are now on the social networks making it easy for your marketing campaigns to reach thousands within minutes and your offer might share by the thousands. You therefore manage to reach to the potential customers within no time at all increasing your profits through sales. These simple steps can help you get the best from your social email marketing to Make Money Online. With fresh content you keep the interest high and so is the use of videos creatively done to appeal. Conversations should never be ignored since they bring you increased sales opportunities and at the same time give you room to make changes that could be necessary in making the product or service even better.

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