How to Increase Your Search Rankings Without Link Building

Who says you have to build links to increase your rankings? Learn how to increase your search rankings WITHOUT link building.
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Google has over 200 factors that they use to determine a website’s rank.

One big factor is click through rate. Let’s say you Google the term “dog”. If Google notices that everyone clicks on the second listing, eventually they will move up the second listing to the first spot and the first listing to the second spot (they will flip them around).

Google is using user signals to figure out to where to rank a website. So if you want to increase your rankings, increase your click through rates.

The way you do this is by adjusting your title tag and meta description. By using adjectives within your title tag, you will notice you will get more clicks.

A few of the phrases that have helped me increase my click through rate are: get, try free.

If you want ideas on how to increase your clicks, Google the terms you want to rank for. Look at the paid ads. The way their paid ads algorithm works is that the ads that get the most clicks usually are at the top. So use similar title and descriptions to the paid ads.

To monitor your click through rate you can use Google Search Console and see how you are improving over time.

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