How to Generate Proven Topic Ideas for Blog posts, eBooks, Podcasts, and YouTube Videos

Generate topic ideas using this topic research tool:

(Enter your topic or keyword into the Topic Research tool)

** How to Generate Proven Topic Ideas for Blog posts, eBooks, Podcasts, and YouTube Videos **

Were you looking for awesome ways to finding trending topic ideas for blog posts, eBooks, Podcasts and YouTube videos?

Then, after watching this video, you will learn how to generate topic ideas instantly using Topic Research tool.

Here’s how to research post ideas using Topic Research tool.

STEP 1: Open Topic Research tool on your web browser. Click the link below to visit it.

STEP 2: Enter your keyword or the topic that your website covers. It should be relevant to the market or the niche.

Here’s what is included in this content ideas generation video.

* Generating Content Ideas *

Once you’ve entered your topic and clicked on the ‘Generate Content Ideas’ button, Topic Research generates a list of potential subtopics that include:

* Headlines
* Questions
* Related searches

** Cards

The content ideas are shown in the form of cards with subtopics.

Trending subtopics are the most popular subtopics over the last 60 days across the internet. This means that the number of articles on these subtopics is growing and it could be a great opportunity for you to follow a trend. You are also able to sort your topic cards by either volume, difficulty or topic efficiency.

This saves you time when deciding which card you want to work from.

** Explorer

The Explorer tab will break down each topic by the subtopic, content idea and number of backlinks.

These are easily sortable by title, subtopic or number of backlinks so you can get a clear idea of the most engaging topics to add to your favorites.

** Overview

This section brings a different perspective to your content ideas.

Here you can find the top 10 headlines, questions, subtopics and related searches, which comes in handy if you want to shorten your research.

** Mindmap

In case you are a visual person, there is the Mind Map view that you can switch to at any time.

You’ll see your topics, headlines, and questions, as well as related searches for their combination with the seed keyword in a more illustrative setting.

Trending topics are highlighted with red.

** Headlines

Each topic card will initially show you the top 3 headlines for the main keyword.

You can expand this number to the top 10 headlines and titles by clicking on the topic card.

The top 10 headlines are prioritized by the number of backlinks the pages have.

— Questions —

Question-and-answer content can be seen as more engaging to users (along with how-to articles) and they can have a higher chance for you to get those incredibly important Featured Snippets!

Within a card, you are able to filter out your related questions by what, how, why, is, are or any other interrogative word, depending on the question.

This will let you narrow down your list of questions to only include a specific search intent.

— Related Searches —

If you are interested in more ideas, you can see all of the searches related to your subtopic at the bottom of the topic card.

** Searching by a Location **

You can target your search by country and city to ensure you are only getting ideas for the location you intend to target.

** Searching by a Domain **

If you already know the domain that you want to search for content from, you can enter that domain

This option can be really helpful if:

* You want to analyze your competitors and see whether they have content on their site about a specific subtopic
* You want to analyze your own site to ensure that you are not creating duplicate content about any subtopic that you research

** Green Topic Cards **

Topic cards are highlighted green when you enter a domain in the “Search content on domain” input field at the top of the report and the domain has a top 100 ranking for the keyword of the card.

You can click on a card to open up the subtopics or click on the blue arrow next to the domain’s URL to see their page that ranks for the keyword.

Explore More Topics By adding More Keywords and Domains

Export Your Keywords to Use Topic Ideas Later or Add Them To Your Trello Board.

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So, how do you generate topic ideas for your content?

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