How to Find Low Competition Keywords for SEO Under 5 Minutes for Free

Find Low Competitive keywords for SEO Here:

(Enter your keywords or keyword phrases one per each line. Then click on the “Show Difficulty” button.)


Did ever wonder why your blog posts aren’t ranking and getting much organic traffic from search engines like Google?

Maybe your targeted keywords are highly competitive, thus your site is not ranking for specific keywords that you want to.

In this YouTube SEO video, I am going to reveal an SEO technique that most SEO experts are using, but novices aren’t to get their blog posts ranked in the first page of Google within the first few days of the publish.

If you too want dramatically improve the keyword ranking and get more traffic from search engines, then you need to watch this video.

Here are steps included in this video of finding low competitive keywords for SEO.

STEP 1: Enter Your Keywords

Click the link below to visit the keyword difficulty tool.

Enter up to 100 keywords you’d like to analyze and click the “Show Difficulty” button

STEP 2: Analyze Keyword Difficulty

The keyword difficulty index (from 1-100%) shows you how difficult it would be to outrank your competitors in the Google or Bing top 100 with the specified search terms and phrases.

The higher the percentage, the more effort it will take to outrank your competition for each targeted keyword.

STEP 3: Spot Opportunities to Win SERP Features

In the SERP Features section, you can see which features, if any, are present on your target keywords’ results pages.

This information helps you estimate the chance of getting extra organic traffic, understand what content your website might need and consider the relevance of each ‘ticked’ SERP Feature for your business.

STEP 4: Prioritize Low Difficulty Keywords

Lower difficulty keywords, while not as high volume, are much easier to rank for and over time can really add up to boost your overall keyword profile.

— Use SEMrush to research keywords and use the Keyword Difficulty tool to find keyword ranking possibilities. —

That is all the steps you need to follow to find the keyword competitiveness and the difficulty of ranking for the keyword for you.

I would recommend using SEMrush SEO toolkit to keyword research, competitive analysis, and SEO audit.

Because there are lots of ways you can use SEMrush to grow your blog.

Here are a few ways how you can use SEMrush to hack your blog growth:

If you’d like to check keyword difficulty for more keywords (like 100 keywords at once), then you have to upgrade your subscription to the Pro plan, at least. There is a way to create a SEMrush Pro account for free.

Check out the YouTube video:

Find the keyword rank for your low competitive or high competitive keywords in Google search by following these instructions:

So, what do you think about this video on checking keyword difficulty and finding low competitive keywords?

Share your ideas in the comments below. If you currently using any tool to check keyword difficulty, please share them in the below.

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