How to Find Competitors Keywords for Free

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* How to Find Competitors Keywords for Free *

Do you ever wonder how to find keywords of competitor websites?

If you do, then after watching this video, you can find keywords of other websites without using any software for free.

In general, you can’t find search terms of other sites without their permission. However, there are competitor analysis tools that frequently analysis keyword phrases and more of all sites in the world.

By requesting data for a site, you can find its keywords and other data such as estimated traffic volume.

Hope this video helped you finding competitors keywords and checking their search traffic and marketing insights.

Let us know what you think about this competitor keyword research technique.

P.S: What tools do you use for research competitors keywords?


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A squeeze page, also known as a lead capture or a landing page, is a page created with the intent of getting prospects to join one’s email list. The visitors are usually offered a free gift, also known as a “freebie” in exchange for entering their email addresses. The squeeze page is the first component of a sales funnel.

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