How to Easily Identify Websites That Are Linking To Your Competitors Not YOU

Check Backlink Opportunities here:

(Enter your website/blog URL and other competitor site URLs to compare backlinks and see new backlink opportunities.


** How to Easily Identify Websites That Are Linking To Your Competitors Not YOU **

Did you want to find websites that are linking to your competitors but yours?

Then in this video, you will learn how to check websites that aren’t linking to you, but your competitors easily in less than 5 minutes.

Here are the steps to getting new backlink opportunities.

STEP 1: enter your website address and competitors’ addresses.

Enter them here:

SEMrush actually auto-suggests competitors based on their database.

The tool will present a graph and a table depicting the comparison between competitors’ backlink profiles.

You can get a quick look at which competitor is building the most backlinks with the trend graph at the top.

The chart will show you all of the referring domains that send backlinks to the websites entered.

Referring Domains: You can narrow down the list of referring domains by filtering out to a specific domain. To do this simply click on the drop-down menu just above the table.

STEP 2: Find Opportunities You’re Missing

To view the backlink opportunities that you’re missing (the referring domains that your competitors have links from but your domain does not), select your domain in the drop down above the table.

These websites could be your next link building targets since they are linking to your competition but not your website.

That is all the steps you need to follow to find websites that link to others, but you.

Follow this backlink strategy with as many competitor websites to find enormous backlinking opportunities.

Then, use a tool like Ninja Outreach to find contact details of websites that you found and outreach them instantly.

Visit Ninja Outreach:

Checking backlinks of your competitors can yield in good results.



* those backlinks are targeted.
* high-quality backlinks
* Links can be changed to your because your website provides same content.
* Can partner with linking sites (referring domains) to see other opportunities such as guest posting

Now you know how to find websites that link your competitors. It’s your time to work on your content and make your blog posts are high quality, and the referring domains can actually link to.

Check out the organic keywords your competitor websites are using at the same time to make your content competitive:

Also use this Mobile keyword research strategy to find mobile SEO keywords:

Use this grammar checker tools to make your blog posts grammar error-free:

If you’d like to create a SEMrush free Pro account, check out this article:

Here the video on opening free SEMrush Pro account:

A review on SEMrush marketing toolkit:

Use SEMrush Backlink Gap tool to find backlink opportunities very easily and efficiently.

Definitely, use a link outreach tool to follow up bloggers and webmasters to get backlinks to your site.

So, what do you think about this backlink strategy? Did you find it’s useful? Then please share your ideas in the comments below. I’d like to know what backlink checking method you are using for your business. 🙂

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