How to Download Facebook Photo Albums of Friends or Pages (Even You’re Not the Owner)

Download friends Facebook photos albums or Facebook Pages photos albums using this Google Chrome extension:

(Please follow the steps as in this video)


** How to Download Facebook Photo Albums of Friends or Pages (Even You’re Not the Owner) **

Did you ever think that you want to download Facebook photo albums of your friends or fan pages?

Then after watching this video(, you will learn how to download photo albums of Facebook pages or friends very easily even you are not the owner!

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Email Marketing: An Edge Over Direct Mailing

Email marketing has made the job of marketing relatively easier and more effective. With the growing need of the concept of marketing, business organizations have tended to realize the fact that traditional marketing techniques such as direct mailing or sending messages through postal system are not only time consuming but ineffective as well. No business can run in isolation, it’s equally essential to communicate with the interested parties of the business.

5 Tips For Successful Email Marketing

With new techniques in online marketing popping up all the time and the ever growing presence and persuasions of social media, many seem to believe that email marketing has lost its edge. But has it?

Email Marketing Mistakes – CASE STUDY

The company XYZ is a successful furniture retailer. The company recently began running an aggressive online marketing campaign in order to build up their virtual and physical presence to the number one spot. The campaign was unsuccessful and here is why with a solution.

Repurposing Content for Your Email Campaign

One of the challenges in email marketing is finding new, relevant content to send to people on your list. The received wisdom is that you should create a new message every day, and that’s a good discipline. But what happens when you want to take some time off, or when you run out of things to say? In this article, I want to give you a couple of ideas for how to repurpose what you’ve already so that you can do so without losing touch with your subscribers.

Turn Your Small Business Into A Big Business With Email Marketing

Hey You There, Small Business! Are You Email Marketing? Email marketing is without a doubt, the best way to stay in touch with old customers and to connect with new ones.

Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

In this article I am going to discuss what mistakes you must avoid when email marketing. Your email campaign will either make or break your business so you must know how to use it properly.

9 Ways to Use Email to Boost Your Revenue NOW

Did you know that… • 91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day. (ExactTarget) • 7 in 10 people say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week. (2012 Blue Kangaroo Study) • For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. (Experian)

Email Marketing – A Powerful Tool for Your Business

One of the excellent ways to get connected and engaged with your clients is using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. However, people claim that email marketing no longer remains effective and relevant because of the success of social media. Stop listening to them, as these are just misconceptions.

Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Mobile Emails Friendly

With the rise in the consumption of mobile phones, tablets and smart phones, marketers have discovered a new avenue for their promotional schemes. Mobile marketing is an effective and efficient way of getting the message across. As per the statistics of email service provider Litmus, about 44% people use gadgets other than desktop for accessing email and the percentage is expected to rise in the coming years.

Email Marketing: Do Freebies Still Attract Good Quality Subscribers?

Most list building products tell you to build a squeeze page and offer potential subscribers a free product. You’re told that the free product has to be relevant to your target market and high perceived value. But does offering a freebie work the same way as switching on a light does to attract moths?

The One Ingredient That Makes Email Marketing Work

Studies show that the vast majority of online marketers rate email marketing as the most effective marketing method. But as your email list becomes bigger you will need help in managing and organising it.

4 Ways to Keep Your Clients and Prospects Interested In Your Offers

As you start to plan your marketing activities for the new year, one aspect of your strategy you will want to give serious thought in the coming year is developing a higher level of engagement. Engagement simply means your audience’s reaction to your marketing. It’s when they follow through on whatever call to action you put in front of them, such as clicking on a link, responding to a survey or purchasing a product.

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