How to Discover Your SEO Competitors (#5 is most accurate)

Discover your SEO competitors using this tool:

(Enter your website or blog address into the SEMrush search to find your organic competitors)

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Did you ever want to find organic competitors for you in Google search?

Identifying your organic competitors is good for search engine optimization. Because you can find competitors’ SEO strategies and take them to improve your blog SEO and keyword rankings.

If you want to improve the SEO of your site, then check out these videos.

2 Best Website SEO Audit Tools & Software (On-Page & Off-Page SEO Checkers):

7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools (That CRUSH Google Keyword Planner):

7 Best Free & Paid Online Backlink Checker Tools:

Analyzing your SEO competitors can yield good results. Some of them are;

* Identify similar keywords
* Find keywords that are used by your competitors
* Find new backlink opportunities
* Find blog post ideas (Guide:
* Know strengths and weaknesses of your SEO competitors

As you might have convinced, there are tons of advanced you’d receive after finding SEO competitors in Google and other search engines.

Here are the methods of checking your organic SEO competitors.

1. Discover Your Competitors Based on Organic Keyword Positions

2. Discover Your Competitors Based on Backlink Profiles

3. Discover Your Competitors Based on PPC Keyword Positions

4. Discover Your Competitors Based on Google Shopping Keyword Positions

5. Discover Your Competitors Based on a Target Keywords (and location!)

So, what is your best way of finding SEO competitors? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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