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Become a Facebook ads expert in one video! How to create a Facebook ad!
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I’m Kevin David and my last video on Facebook ads was the most viewed video on YouTube and I am to do the same thing with this one, where I show you how to become an expert at Facebook Ads in 2020 and make money online working from home in one video!

On the Kevin David channel I show you tons of material on how to make money with digital marketing and SMMA including Facebook ads, and this beginners tutorial on Facebook ads shows you step by step how to find profitable and proven ads and run them!

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Email Marketing Is the Ideal Way for Solicitors and Barristers to Keep Close to Clients

Realistically, it is not possible to keep in close personal contact with all your past clients. But in the current competitive market it is essential to show them that you care. I hear from my optician, my dentist, and even my local garden centre more often than I hear from my solicitor.

Email Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Open Rates

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to improve sales. It will build strong customer relationships and open the path to earn more money.

Permission Based Email Marketing – The New Era

If you understand permission based email marketing you will see a big improvement in your results. You will get higher open rates, increased conversions and customers that actually look forward to getting your emails. Email Marketing has Changed – We must first understand that email marketing has changed.

How To Convert Every Visitor To A Subscriber For Your Home Based Business

Listening to the SEO guys in the world, traffic is king. If you listen to some of the email marketing gurus you hear that the better targeted that the traffic is the better the list. The truth is somewhere in between though. If you get people to your site looking for what you have to offer though the secret is to convert all of them to your email list.

Beware of the 5 Mistakes Most Books About Marketing Erroneously Tell You to Do

You might have come across a lot of e-books which gather knowledge about email marketing. This is because there are plenty of e-books available on the Internet, which promises to provide you with impeccable tips that would make your internet marketing strategy a roaring success.

Tips of Writing Good Subject Lines for Emails

People who are new to email marketing really want to know how to write a good subject line for their emails to enable their recipients to read their emails. Even veteran email marketers find it hard to write a good email subject line. Provided here are some tips of writing good subject lines for your emails.

The Value of An Email Marketing List for Marketing Your Website

Marketing nowadays should always be creative. It should always be something interesting for your target customers in order to be effective. You should study the demographics of your customer in order to target your market precisely.

How to Use Email List Segments

Using email list segments is a good idea for number of reasons. If you have an e-mail list and especially if you use an autoresponder system, here’s what to know about using email list segments, what you can benefit from them, and how to do it.

Successful Email Marketing Campaigns – How To and How Not To

Today, email marketing is one of many elements that businesses can use to successfully market their services or products. Entire campaigns can be turned out electronically and are usually done so in unison with other marketing techniques. The presence of spam has made email marketing more difficult, with many emails falling through the proverbial cracks and not being delivered to their intended targets due to a number of circumstances, ranging from very secure email filters designed to weed out spam to heightened awareness and diligence by the user. Indeed, spam has made the majority of users much more security conscious than ever before and as a result being able to successfully market via email is more of a challenge than it has ever been.

Using Targeted Email Marketing to Increase B2B Lead Generation

Technology is always advancing and email marketing continues to advance with it. Targeted email marketing is an excellent way to increase B2B lead generation for any company looking to improve the quality of leads generated as a result. If organised correctly, it will create the right leads from the right business sectors and help to increase your company’s prospective and actual customer base.

Is Having An Autoresponder Really Necessary?

Just What Is An Autoresponder? An Autoresponder is a direct mailing list tool that will automatically respond or follow up with someone who has more information about a particular product, program or service. Almost everyone, at one point or another, has subscribed into a company email list to get more information about something, to get something for free or to be notified of a special offer. When you subscribe to a direct mailing list, you become a prospect and you are giving that person or company permission to send you emails and they can continue sending you emails until you opt-out or remove yourself from the company email list.

How Can Email Marketing Software Improve Delivery Results?

What can your email marketing software do to increase the delivery rates of your email marketing campaigns? When it comes to email marketing there is always lots of discussion about what you can do to improve your own delivery rates (and that is important) but providers of web based email marketing software also have their part to play…

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