How to Check Website Traffic Online In 1 Minute Or Less

Check website traffic using this tool:

(Enter the root-domain URL or the sub-domain URL into the search box and hit the search button to get traffic statistics.)


** How to Check Website Traffic Online In 1 Minute Or Less **

Did you ever want to find how much traffic does a website get per day or per month?

Or did you want to know which websites are driving the most traffic to a particular site?

If you wanted to analyze traffic stats of a website online, then after watching this video, you will learn all about how to check website traffic numbers of a site online instantly for free without spending much time.

Finding how much traffic a site receives per month may seem pretty hard. But, In this tutorial video, you will find out it’s not that hard and checking website traffic online is pretty much easier than ever with SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool.

Here is how to check website traffic online for free.

STEP 01: Visit SEMrush Traffic Analyzer tool by clicking the link below.

STEP 02: Enter the website address that you want to check its traffic statistics. And then click the “search” button.

STEP 03: Now you will get to see the traffic report on the searched site.

You will find out how much traffic the website receives, average time on the page per unique visitor, total website hits/impressions, bounce rate and more data on the top row.

Beneath of website traffic statistics page, you will see top pages, top countries and top referring sites such as social sites, forums, communities, blogs, etc.

Also, other tabs show more in-depth details on the website performance such as sub-domains and their monthly unique visitors, geography, top destination sites, and historical data which allows you to compare site traffic with the previous month and see the relative growth.

Checking traffic of websites online is really helpful to grow your site too. Use the strategies your competitors are using to increase website traffic to improve your site traffic.

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So, how did you check website traffic online previously?

What was your best website traffic analyzer or best website traffic checker?

Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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