How to Add Facebook Comments Widget for Blogger

Step-by-step guide to installing Facebook Comments Widget on Blogger –

Please watch this video and read our complete tutorial to learn how to add Facebook comments on your Blogspot blog.

Advantages for bloggers by adding Facebook comments below blog posts in Blogger

* Increased engagement
* More comments by real people
* Reduce spam
* Moderate comments more efficiently
* Thread comment system
* Instant notifications to your Facebook account
* Blacklist users and moderation rules
* Multiple admins to moderate comments
* Hide comments form in certain pages

Advantages for visitors by adding Facebook comments on your blog

* Simple comment form
* Load fast
* Ability to share a comment on their timeline
* Like and reply other comments
* Comment behalf of other profiles such as pages
* Receive notifications on Facebook and email for replies
* Ability to add images, screenshots, and graphics in comments – attach images to Facebook comments

If you’d like to get those benefits and give those to your readers, add Facebook comment widget to your Blogger blog by following the guide.

Smart Marketers Build Email Lists to Build a Successful Business

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Why You Should Make Email Marketing As Your Main Marketing Tool?

Epsilon has recently released its 2013 fourth quarter report North American Email Trends and Benchmarks. The management was satisfied with its performance as there was a significant increase in their email open rates for this quarter compared to the previous year of the same period.

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5 Things To Remember When Publishing A Newsletter

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