How to Add Blogger Contact Form to Pages

A step-by-step guide to creating Contact Us Page in BlogSpot:

Get HTML code for Blogger contact form to create a contact page in BlogSpot and JavaScript code to make a beautiful, fully functional sliding Contact form widget by clicking the link above.

Your Contact Us page should be functional and professional to not only receive more messages but also actually make your blog look awesome! With this tutorial video, you will learn how to create a contact us page in Blogger and add a sliding contact form widget that will have these options.

* Contact us form with name, email and message fields
* Skype Live Chat option – Display Skype Live Chat widget in your Blogger blog.
* Contact Us details such as your social accounts, email, etc.

Let us know what contact form plugin you used with your site previously. Did you try Blogger contact form before, and what was your experience?

Spam Traps, Are They Good Or Evil?

Unethical email marketers know the quickest way to sink your company’s reputation, if not the company itself, is to hit a spam trap with one of your campaigns. Yes, spam traps may be necessary to separate the legitimate ESPs who are performing best practices, from the batch-and-blast, hit-and-run spammers that can kill the progress of a growing industry. That doesn’t mean you should feel safer with their existence.

7 Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates

Email marketing is a ‘must’ for all who are selling a product or service. To make your email messages more powerful and boost your conversion rates, there are seven tips you should follow.

3 Tips On How To Discover What Your Subscribers Want To Buy

If you have subscribers and they are not buying anything from you then perhaps you are not offering the rights things. Here are 3 tips to find out exactly what your subscribers want and need.

Compliance Is Key – Adhering to the FTC CAN-SPAM Act

Email advertising is the most efficient and cost effective marketing channel at present. Companies invest a lot of money to drop massive campaigns that generate high rates of conversions. Unfortunately, many companies abuse their data intel and bulk-send unwarranted, non-compliant emails that alienate internet users.

8 Reasons Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail

Today I would like to address a topic that I find interesting: Reputation in email marketing and deliverability keys. And, when we use e-mail marketing platforms for our clients, a number of practices that help us arrive correctly the emails that are not included in spam filters and the user receiver open. Some advice.

How to Master Email Marketing and Start Converting Leads Into Customers

When it comes to taking advantage of email marketing to convert leads into paying customers, then it is important to master the art of writing emails that sell. It is important to write quality emails that will convince subscribers to purchase the product or service that you are selling.

Study Proves that Bringing Relevance to Text Messaging is Good for Businesses

Text messages used to be considered as nuisance, which is why many businesses stayed away from it. But recent surveys reveal a different picture.

Email Marketing Tips That You Need to Know Before It’s Too Late

Email marketing tips provide good results that many people are not aware of. These tips are extremely useful and is of great help. It is time to let everyone know about these important facts so that it boosts their business.

3 Strategies to Improve Traffic for Email Marketing

Businesses need to use email marketing if they expect to stay active and in the minds of their customers. You need to know how to improve traffic using email marketing if you want to appeal to a larger audience and bring in more business. You can achieve this by improving the email sign up, email content and the email sending.

Less Emailing Is Better – Here’s Why

If you’ve been in email marketing for any time, you know how golden a good email marketing list is. You spent so much time creating it and building it into the pride and joy it is now. But guess what? Chances are it’s time to gut it, because a slice-and-dice is necessary not only for the efficiency of your campaigns, but for the very survival of your email marketing efforts.

The Benefits of High Quality Bulk Email Software

Email marketing is a technique that has been used for a long time now and continues to be a popular choice for many business owners. This is due to the fact that is continues to offer good results to those who employ this technique on a constant basis. However, what many business owners overlook is the power of good bulk email software. No matter how many email lists you buy or gather over time, when you do not have the proper tool to use them, you will not obtain the same results. High quality software these days enables users to do so many more things than just send emails to their lists. Many companies that choose to use an email marketing strategy complain about not obtaining the high inbox deliverability rate they need. This is partly due to the software the use, so an investment in this field should be something they should definitely take into consideration.

Get Better Results With Less Time And Effort With A Lazy Email Newsletter

You see the need to stay in touch with your clients, prospects and supporters. You likely have great intentions of doing so. But for some reason, getting your newsletter out the door consistently just isn’t happening. You might be time crunched (but who isn’t), don’t have a clue what to write about (I’ve been there) or maybe just struggle to finish the projects you start.

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