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NOT only SEO keywords, but also daily traffic amount the YouTube Video receives from Google search engine. I have explained that pretty well on my YouTube keywords research guide.

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The Benefits of Email Newsletters

In general, not every social media platform works for every organization. If there is any exception to the rule, it’s email newsletters. Arguably the number one social network online today, emails have a different level of importance than the other social networks. Let’s take a look at five benefits of using them to market your business or organization.

E-Mail Marketing And Brand Integrity

If you remain authentic, truthful, honest, and considerate of your customers, you portray a brand with integrity. You are truly out there to help your clients get more of what they want. When you communicate with knowledge and clarity, your clients will come to consider you an authority upon whose message they can trust. This directly translates into more opened emails!

How Effective Is Email Software for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is still relevant as social media’s grip on our attention increases. Emails need to change their approach however, and a good email software program will be helpful in this regard. Email marketing can be broken up into different categories and target the people most likely to buy your products.

Cutting Edge Email Marketing – When Done Right It Can Catapult the Results You’re Getting Right Now

Hello and welcome to my article, I just want to talk with you for a minute about some key elements to a successful email campaign. When done right it can catapult the results you’re getting right now. This will be a one way conversation but my hope is that you leave with value.

First Step to Creating a HUGE Following

Many people often wonder what the first step is to creating a huge following, and making huge profits. The answer? It’s all in the list.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, despite the barrage of junk mail, spam and special offer promotions that our inboxes are bombarded with on a daily basis, email marketing still occupies an important place in your digital marketing mix and as such, should not be ignored when trying to generate new business or up sell products to existing clients. Email marketing can be used to communicate information about new services with your existing clients, you can execute mail-shot press releases to interested stakeholders and you can use email marketing to launch promotions to prospective clients getting them to step onto…

How To Make An Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are just one of the most common ways in which organizations keep their clients up to date regarding what is going on concerning their company activity, which products are going on sale, discount coupons that are being provided etc. They are a crucial key to business prosperity, because virtually an unrestricted number of clients all around the globe can be reached.

When Email Marketing Goes Wrong

I sometimes get approached by clients who have had bad experiences with email marketing or have tried email marketing for a while and simply run out of ideas. If your email marketing is not as successful as it used to be and you’re not sure what to do next, give the following a try: If you are always sending out promotions and asking the recipient to buy something from you, maybe it’s time to try something new.

Simple Step By Step Guide on How to Set Up Your Domain, Hosting and Autoresponder

To start up email marketing, you will need a domain name for your website, a hosting provider to store your webpages and an autoresponder to help you send emails automatically to all your subscribers. In this article, I would focus on explaining how to set up using NameCheap, HostGator and GVO for first time users.

The Importance of Email Marketing Lists in Internet Marketing

When it comes to making money online, one method that has been effectively successful for a long time happens to be email marketing. However, in order to be able to run this business effectively, internet marketers must be knowledgeable about certain things. When it comes to the creation of a marketing list and ideally boosting it, this article contains some useful tips that will prove useful for anyone who wants to establish a dream online marketing business.

Email Marketing or Ego Marketing?

When embarking on an email marketing campaign for the first time, make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. The advent of Social Media has given everybody a new platform to re-invent themselves and set a new status. It’s a truism that many entrepreneurs start a business based on ego. This may have been based on pursuing a particular passion or escaping rejection from the job market or generally thinking that they are smarter and can do it better than everybody else! Of course not all entrepreneurs are like this but there is a great temptation in today’s digital world to love the sound of your own ‘virtual’ voice and lose the plot! Where am I going with this?

Email Troubleshooting

Sometimes I am asked by companies to become an email troubleshooter for them. Normally this happens when an email campaign has gone a bit pear-shaped and results haven’t been what they were hoping for. This can be where the company has tried to manage the email campaign internally without professional advice or have tried to do it on the cheap. Upon investigation my findings are usually quite simple. A complete lack of attention to detail!

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