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What Percentage of Emails Should Be Value Based?

This article discusses what percentage of email marketing should be value based. It also discusses why sending value based emails is good for the sender as well as the reader.

The Top 3 Email Programs for Busy Entrepreneurs

For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, email marketing remains something of a mystery. You know you’re supposed to be emailing your list, but when? How often? And what about?

Creating A List Made Easy, Why and What You Need to Start a List

How would you like to interact with others who share your passion, whether that be an online marketing business, offline business or hobby? Even better, how would you like to make money from interacting with these people? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions then you need an email list. The reason for this is because email continues to be the single most effective way to connect with other people online and make money. The saying in the online business world among the top marketers is “The money is in the list.”

What Canada’s New Anti-Spam Regulations Mean for You

Starting on July 1, 2014, Canada is implementing a new set of anti-spam laws and regulations that will affect not only Canadian companies, but any company sending commercial electronic messages to recipients in Canada. The laws will apply to any commercial messages sent to an electronic address, as long as either the message is sent or received in Canada.

Tips for Creating an Effective Email Retention Policy

Electronic mail (email) has evolved as a universal service that greatly supports a communication mechanism that is essentially critical both internally within your business community and externally to clients including prospective clients, and the public at large. Any policy about email retention does seek to establish a default retention period for email retained in your business active server. It also confirms roles and responsibilities for implementation including management of litigation holds.

How to Improve Your Email Delivery Rate

With the constant patrol of spam filters, virus protection software, etc. legitimate email senders are finding it to be a challenge to get their email delivered. This article lists strategies that will help you to improve your email delivery rate.

Your Email Open Rates Can Be Improved

People get tons of email a day but many of them remain unopened. Yours could very well be among some of the ones that end up unopened. This article will give strategies that will help you to improve your email open rates.

Email Marketing Strategies To Increase Business Exposure And Revenue

The electronic mail or “Email” powered by the Internet has wiped out geographical boundaries and has thereby changed the way people communicate globally. It is now possible to transfer information to anyone, in any corner of the world and at any time of the day. Owing to its low cost, phenomenal speed and the ability to reach people residing in different countries of the world, the email is also being explored as an important business marketing tool.

The Insider’s Guide to Email Advertising

Email advertising is a thing of the past. And the present. And the future. Email advertising is not going anywhere, and might possibly be around for as long as email is around. Why? Simply because email marketing has one of the highest customer return rates. If you’ve bought from a company before and your experience was not awful, chances are you’ll buy again. And if that company is very intuitive, they’ll know what you like after that first purchase (or have a rough idea at least).

Long Vs Short Emails: Which Style Will Convert Your Prospects Into Customers?

You may have noticed that some emails you receive from top marketing gurus are three or four sentences tops. Other emails contain paragraph after paragraph of long, scrolling copy that seems to go on forever.

Announcing 4 Deadly Words To Avoid Using In Email Marketing

Words are the tags that we use to convey emotions, feelings, thoughts, and ideas. In your email marketing the words that you use should be clear and concise. Avoid using the four deadly words that are listed in this article.

Simple Tips To Build Your Mailing List

This article is a brief explanation of TIPS for building a high converting email list for little or no cost. Have 10000+ subscribers on your email list.

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