Cash Cow Pulls Back The Curtain On How to Master Email Marketing 2021

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Cash Cow Pulls Back The Curtain On How to Master Email Marketing 2021

Cash Cow got your back again with How to Master Email Marketing, 

Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email marketing investment, grow and retain your email subscribers, and remain compliant with the ever-changing email regulations? Email marketing is complex. In this video, we’re going to show you the solution to these challenges so you can start reaching your audience effectively and hitting your business goals through email.

The solution to overcoming these common challenges – making sure you’re hitting your email goals, email deliverability, and staying compliant, is having an effective email marketing strategy. No matter the size of your company, you need to have a clearly defined strategy in place to reach your goals. Experts agree that in order to build an effective email marketing strategy and have your emails be seen, you have to adhere to these three pillars:

1. Segmentation
2. Power of personalization
3. Impact of data-driven analysis

Finding the right tools is the first step to setting up an email marketing strategy. A marketer needs an Email Service Provider (ESP) with an automation tool, among other useful features. The tools will ensure the delivery of the emails right to the subscriber’s inbox, and allow the subscriber to edit them. In a way, the tools do exactly what is written on the website, and they keep the subscriber in the loop about what is being sent. They should have the same features as the website. Here are a few useful features:

POP mail filters: An ESP needs to offer POP mail filters as part of the set up. It is an anti spam feature that uses the client’s POP settings to filter spam. This makes sure that your messages are delivered through POP mail address.

Anti virus software: This helps ensure that your emails do not get flagged as spam by anti spam software. This helps subscribers’ inboxes stay clear of junk mail.

Email security: This is the most convenient way to start a webmail account. The ESP needs to offer anti spam technology such as a secure socket layer (SSL) connection, anti spam software and spam filter.

A website: The ESP needs to be able to send emails as well as show a website. It is necessary to tell the subscriber how to create and activate the account.

An autoresponder: Another important thing to be assured is the ability to use an auto responder. A subscriber who knows how to use the ESP and how to configure it will be able to automatically send messages to him. This is what is meant by personalized.

The ESP should have a personalization feature, because most of the subscribers, and probably also many ESPs will have multiple ESPs with different configurations. If the ESP provides only one sign-up process, there is a very high possibility that subscribers will lose their preferences or have their email addresses blacklisted by certain ESPs. This will lead to loss of email addresses and subsequent loss of subscribers. If the ESP promises to let subscribers choose their first email address, then this is a good start. Otherwise, many subscribers will have to re-opt in again and again. The goal should be to deliver both in and out. To be able to tailor email messages and to configure them to subscribers’ specifications.

Most of the ESPs have tools to make subscribers opt in by adding a little javascript on their webpage. If the ESP is able to deliver the messages to their inbox, then it will be one of the highest in the list of things they can do. You could also opt for the SPAM checker that checks the html code of the email.

There are email marketers who claim to get the click-through rate, and there is no surprise that they charge what they do. The trick is to get the subscriber to click through and read your email. So get the email delivered to them, and they will read it or not.

In conclusion:

* There are email marketers who offer a fully automatic service. However, this is the type of company where you would have to make more than a certain amount to afford them.
* There are also companies who claim to offer a fully automatic service, which in fact they do not. There is a chance that they end up becoming a paid service like a autoresponder.


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