Cash Cow Hooks You Up With The Two Best Email Marketing Platform for Small Business 2021

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Cash Cow Hooks You Up With The Two Best Email Marketing Platform for Small Business 2021

You read that right – Your Moo-nif-i-cent Online marketing Pal – the CASH COW is here to run down the two Best Email Marketing Platforms for Small Business 2021 to make sure that you – Make Money Online in 2021!

Marketers can segment their mailing lists based on location, gender, occupation, age, behavior, etc.
In turn, you can be sure that you are delivering appropriate and customized messages that appeal to customers.

Segmentation allows you to deliver messages that match your customers’ preferences

Let’s start with demographics. Marketing automation has long been a tool for segmenting your mailing lists based on demographics. While the benefits of this segmentation have long been known, the tools to do so are not.

Today, a customer can provide information about their age, gender, location, their occupation, behavior, their interests and so on.

But what happens when you want to segment based on occupation?

For instance, your customer has just bought a new car and if you wanted to segment based on occupation, your business would likely earn more than by sending message such as “Use this Car” or “For Sale”. But what happens if you wanted to send a message about a new car, which is a business that the customer didn’t buy himself?

You would need to send a special message “For Self-Built Car Buyers” for instance. Well you could, but it would be more cost effective to just send a generic message.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to segment based on occupation, you could segment based on lifestyle (where the customer lives, the frequency with which they travel, etc.) or preferences (whether they play video games, watch video, etc.).

Segmentation is good, but we want to segment based on Behavior. If you want to send messages that match your customers’ behavior, you need to consider their interests. And it’s easy to find their interests by their purchase history.

A good example is the auto-bid campaign we did. The customer was engaged in the purchase. But, we then segmented by the customer’s nterests. In this case, we sent a message saying “What are you interested in? A new car, an SUV, or sports cars? Then we send the right message for his interests, which can only be done if we look at their purchase history.

There are several types of segments that you can segment. We can segment customers based on what they have purchased, how often they purchase, whether they purchased online or brick and mortar, when they purchase, etc.

Segmentation is a great idea, but the challenge is actually getting it to work. You can segment your mailing list at any time. You can segment based on demographics or behavioral preferences. There’s a tool that can do it for you on line, but you want it to be easy to use.


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