Cash Cow Hooks You Up With The Best Email Marketing Software 😍

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Cash Cow Hooks You Up With The Best Email Marketing Software 😍


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When you want to communicate something about your brand or sell your stuff, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. And, it’s a very powerful marketing tool, too!

But there are a few things you need to be aware of when email marketing:

What is SPAM?

Email marketing is using email in a marketing campaign to let subscribers in your database know about your product or service. But, you know some people will still ignore your messages. That’s where SPAM comes in.

SPAM is when somebody is sending an email that violates the rules of normal email communication, such as when they add the recipient as a friend on Facebook, or they send the email twice (you know, in a way that they didn’t ask permission).

It’s also when they send an email for a promotion of a product or service they don’t own. You know these people. They’re the ones who get your emails, because you never get an email back. These are the people who will eventually get fed up with your emails and click the SPAM button to get off your list.

They’re dangerous, and very annoying. You never want to become labeled as someone who makes their lives hell, so don’t do it.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

But if you’re using email marketing, you’re getting some benefits. One of which is the reduction of your marketing costs. That’s because, in most cases, you’re emailing only to people who have willingly agreed to receive your email. That means you’ll save a lot of money on sending them emails. In addition, you’ll be using the least amount of your time that sending them an email.

However, you need to treat your customers as if they were your friends. Your emails should be personal, and friendly. You shouldn’t constantly be bombarding them with email offers and information. Your readers are much more likely to read and enjoy your emails as when they receive a personal email from you.

It also shows your subscribers that you care about them. They will eventually become loyal customers, and will help you make money, too. That way, you’re less likely to encounter problems with your ISP or other companies and problems with spam.

With an email marketing strategy, a company can plan when to send time-based promotions or non-promotional emails. This strategy enables the company to have consistent contact with the customer and maintain relationships with them.

Email marketing services are available from professionals who can develop strategies to make sure the emails are delivered on the weekends. This involves determining when the company’s email subscribers should receive their email. Some companies have no competition during the weekend hours and have an open rate during these hours that is above 90%.

Other companies suffer a drop in their open rate when they send their newsletters out during the week because their competitors, during their peak sales hours, flood their inboxes and obtain new email addresses.

Email marketing services can be used to avoid this drop off. They can work out schedules so that when customers are logging into their accounts, the email campaign is sent, so they don’t miss out on their competition. They can also offer the flexibility to tailor the schedule to correspond with when the email campaign is more relevant. The same strategy could be tweaked to ensure that it hits their customers on a Saturday, a Sunday, a Monday, or wherever they feel like checking their email.

Email marketing services also can be used to ensure that the emails are sent during the ‘fast days’ of the week such as Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and so on. Even though this strategy is relatively simple to set up, it requires a degree of planning, testing and tweaking to ensure that the delivery rate is kept high.

Another strategy is the use of ‘share’ buttons within the email. These share buttons are offered by most of the email providers and allow customers to share the email with anyone they like. It’s a great idea because it can create a viral buzz around the email. Companies can use this to encourage recipients to forward the email on to anyone they think might be interested, or to share it on social media sites.

It is also possible to set up a ‘copycat’ campaign, which is what the spyware, virus-writer and online scammer do. In fact, there are plenty of email providers which will allow you to set up an email campaign using the share buttons. You can get this functionality by signing up to the provider’s website and clicking on the ‘get help’ link. But this is an optional extra. It’s a really good idea to build your own custom email messages from scratch. It makes for better ROI.


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