Best 4 Free English Word Definition Checker Tools

#1: Grammarly:
#2: Google:
#3: OxfordDictionaries:
#4: Dictionary:


** Best 4 Free English Word Definition Checker Tools **

Here are all the scenes in this video.

Scene 1

Best 4 Free English Word Definition Checker Tools (Online Dictionaries)

Find the Meaning of Unknown Words

Scene 2

Please check out the description below of this video to find links for each tool.

Scene 3

Number 1: Grammarly Definition Checker

Grammarly is the world’s #1 grammar checker tool that is used by millions of people worldwide.

Scene 4

You need to have a free account to use Grammarly.

Click the link below in description to sign up for Grammarly now.

Scene 5

After registration, install the browser extension.

Scene 6

Enable the option that says “Show Definitions and Synonyms via Double Click (All Sites).”

Scene 7

Double click on any word or set of words to see the meaning of it.

Scene 8

Number 2: Google

When you search something with the phrase of ‘Meaning’, Google will show the meaning and more details of the word.

Scene 9

Number 3: Oxford Dictionary
Enter your unfamiliar key phrase into the search box and click on the ‘Search’ button.

Scene 10

Number 4: Dictionary

Type the word or word phrase you want to look for and hit the ‘Enter’ button.

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