Best 2 Alternatives: Best Link Shortener Services with Custom Domain

#1: Sign up for Replug:
#2: Sign up for PixelMe:

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Best 2 Alternatives: Best Link Shortener Services with Custom Domain

Do you want to know the best alternatives for

Are you looking for a good link shortening tool with more flexibility than

And you want a good link shortener that isn’t blocked by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Twitch, YouTube, or other social media?

Then, in this video, you are going to find the two best alternatives and best link shortening services with a custom domain name feature. (you can brand links for your own identity)

#1 Link Shortner: Replug

Replug is an excellent link shortening tool with TONS of features.

Check out this article to learn more:

With replug link shortener you can,

* Use multiple domains and redirect the 404 error page and index page to a custom URL you’d like to. So that visitors who visit the link tracking root domain won’t visit the link shortener website.
* Fire retargeting pixels in links you share. How awesome does it when you can retarget visitors who visit other people’s content? With the Replug link shortening app, you can retarget visitors who visit a URL. (e.g: Google AdWords pixel, Facebook ads pixel, etc.)
* Display widgets on links you share: It’s another awesome feature in Replug. You can actually show up widgets like pop-ups, follow widgets on the links you share online. It’s very beneficial if you frequently share links online.
* More features.

#2 Link Shortener: PixelMe

PixelMe is another awesome link masking tool that allows you to add different UTM tags for each URL.

If you are on to paid advertising, then PixelMe is a good choice because it provides specific features that an advertiser needs that other tools don’t provide.

So, what is your best link shortener? and what is the best alternative?

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