7 Untapped Traffic Sources For Marketing Your Website

Google and Facebook aren’t the only traffic sources that you can leverage. Here are 7 untapped opportunities
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Opportunity #1: Quora – Go to Quora and respond to all of the questions people are asking within your space. If you can plug in links that a relevant to the answer (such as ones from your website), you’ll notice that it’s a quick way to get a few thousand visitors per month.

Opportunity #2: Subreddits – Participate on Reddit. The more you get involved the more clout you will have on Reddit.

There is a section on Reddit for your industry. Submit content from your site as well as other sites on Reddit. This can drive tens and thousands of visitors assuming Reddit likes the content you are submitting.

Opportunity #3: Forums – A lot of popular forums exist on the web. Find forums within your industry and participate. Respond to questions people are asking.

Every time you answer a forum thread make sure you have a signature. Within the signature should be a link back to your website.

Opportunity #4: LinkedIn – You can publish your content on LinkedIn. Take your blog content, publish the first few paragraphs and add a “click to continue reading” link at the end. If people want to read the rest they can click through over to your blog.

This has helped me generate over 30,000 visitors a month from LinkedIn.

Opportunity #5: Niche blogs – Every industry has niche blogs. Not the TechCrunch’s of the world, but the small ones.

Participate on these blogs and leave comments. When leaving a comment you can add your URL and it will drive traffic back to your site.

Make sure the comments you are leaving are thoughtful.

Opportunity #6: StumbleUpon – It’s not the most popular social network but it can still drive you thousands of visitors.

You can buy clicks for pennies on the dollar through StumbleUpon Ads.

If you want free traffic all you have to do is use their toolbar.

Opportunity #7: Facebook groups – Similar to fan pages there are a lot of popular groups within your space. Help people within the groups and respond to their questions.

As you respond to questions, feel free and link to your site if it is relevant and will help others.

Use those 7 tactics and you will generate more traffic to your site.

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