2 Ways to Become a Video Game Tester (#2 is Easiest and Best for Beginner)

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**How to Find Video Game Tester Jobs and Get Paid to Play Video Games from Home**

You might be already a video gamer. Or have an opinion to play video games shortly. Either way, today, I am glad to announce you that, now you can actually make money from home just playing and testing upcoming video games.

This YouTube video explains TWO ways to become a game tester. These ways are 100% legit, ethical and work pretty well.

You might probably know that some people make tons of money (six-seven figure yearly income) being a game tester. Many of those are beta game testers. That means they play upcoming video games.

The two ways of becoming a video game tester are,

1. Find video game tester career/vacancies and apply. Then join to game tester interview and show your skills and compete with other thousands of video gamers.

2. Sign up for gaming jobs online marketplace and find the desired game available to test, play and collect your payments.

As you see, the second method can give you a steady income earning potential, and it’s easy to become a video game tester online.

You can choose selected desired video games and make tons of money as a game tester. Here are a few other things you would get as a game player.

* Get Paid to Play or review New Games!
* Receive New and Unreleased Games to test or review (You can keep them or sell them later on!)
* Get New Products to test and review such as Game consoles, memory cards, controllers, etc…
* Get Invited to game conferences, launches, exhibits and conventions such as E3, Japan Game Expo and many more!
* Get Special Walkthroughs, Cheat Codes, Secrets, and other “Exploits” that only game testers know about!

And also you can make money. Here are a few of other legit ways to make money online.

* You can get paid to Play New and Upcoming Games
* You can get paid to take online surveys and make from $5 to $75 each, or more
* You can get paid to participate in focus groups and make up to $150 an hour
* You can get paid to try new Games, Gaming Consoles, Controllers or other products and keep the free products too!
* You can get paid to preview new movie or game trailers for $4 to $25 an hour
* You can get paid to review new Games for up to $30 an hour.

As you see, you can make money through tons of other ways. That’s why the Video Game industry is such an important place for you. Just look at how many people play games through the day. Some people don’t want to eat food but want to play games. That’s the nature of a video gamer. You know it much more than I do, right?

You might be wondering how you can make money as a video game tester, who pay you and other stuff. You can read this article and learn more and video gaming industry moreover and how to become a videogame tester and make money at home: https://www.pitiya.com/video-game-tester-jobs-at-home-make-money-playing-video-games.html

A few companies which will provide games for you are Ubisoft, windows, warner brothers, Konami, Capcom, Xbox live, Vodafone, Dreamcast, tom clancy’s, EA games, Crytek, Xbox, QA, Sierra, IGN, Xbox 360, Sony, Microsoft, Nokia, Codemasters, Gearbox, Bungie, Gamecock and EIDOS.

In fact, there are tons of game producing companies that provide video games to play for you.

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Usually, video game tester salary starts from $500 per month. Yes, this is the minimum amount you can make. And you can make this very easily. If you are living near Austin tx, NYC, Seattle, San Diego, UK, Atlanta, Boston, Florida, Houston, Miami, Michigan, Ohio, Redmond WA, Romania, Utah, San Antonio, Columbus, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, Indianapolis, inland empire, Austin or anywhere from the 200+ countries, you can join to online gaming jobs and make a decent income.

So, why are you still waiting? Register your account and start making your first dollar as a video game tester!

If you signed up to become a video game tester and earn money playing video games from home, what are your experiences? Share them in the comments below.

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