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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Email Campaigns

With more businesses using email marketing, they should know what works and what doesn’t. Here are tips for creating more effective email campaigns. I can show you how to create lead generation tools that get a reaction.

7 Steps to Creating a Promotional Email to Draw Clients to You

An early step I take with my Platinum clients is to walk them through having a marketing conversation with potential clients so they quickly start to grow their business. One of the effective strategies to set up that conversation is to send out a promotional email.

Promote Bowling Alleys Via Email Marketing

In these tough economic times, inexpensive, old-fashioned family fun activities are becoming new again. And there aren’t many more traditional methods of entertainment than bowling. If you’re of a certain age, you recall keeping score by hand, or how, in the days before cell phones, emails, text messaging and social media, a bowling league was one of the best ways to meet people and to stay in touch with them.

Email Marketing – A Strategy That Yields Results

Welcome to the world of fast changing methodologies, where things are constantly changing to suit the hustle of this fast moving world. Everyone is in a rush and people are succeeding each other in terms of knowledge and wisdom.

Email Design – The Basics

Whether you design your own email template from scratch or adapt a pre made template the main goal is to create an efficient way of communication with your actual and potential clients. To achieve this, your newsletter should have an attractive and efficient design, have interesting content and look properly in all important email clients.

Benefits of Bulk Email Marketing!

If you have chosen a professional who is experienced in bulk email marketing, you are safe. But if you are looking for free email marketing resources, beware! It is not that simple.

Email Marketing Is Alive and Well and Working Hard for Smart Companies

You’re on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Do you still need email marketing? Email may not be as high-tech or sexy as social media and other marketing channels, but it’s a workhorse that can produce results if you do it right.

Zimbra – New Revolution For The Mailing Services

May it be a small sized business or an established one; there is an ever increasing requirement for secure mailing solutions. Introducing the Zimbra email solution in the business can do wonders for the connectivity with the clients and customers to manage load balancing, enterprise storage and database hosting.

The Basics for Email Marketing – How to Write a Catchy Email

There are 4 things you need to write a catchy email, you need an engaging “From” line, a subject line that peaks interest, content that’s targeted and informative, and a CTA (Call To Action). Don’t take these 4 areas lightly. They are the basic foundations for email marketing and writing catchy emails.

How to Start an E-Mail Marketing Campaign Part 2 of 3

  In the previous article we discussed getting your email campaign started, with the following steps: Analyzing the goal of your email campaign, building your own email list, and understanding and adhering to all relevant legislation. In this article we will discuss the basics in creating the content of your email. Writing the content of an email campaign can be a bit tricky.

7 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Open Rates and Your Conversions

Despite rumors to the contrary, email marketing is quite well thank you. In fact, according to customer relationship marketers Merkle, reading email is the no. 1 activity on Internet enabled mobile devices.

The Secrets of Building Up a Huge List of Email Addresses

Learn how and how not to go about building up a huge opt-in email list – fast. Learn free and low cost strategies to get an abundance of sign-ups. And, provided they are cost effective, how to tap into paid sources.

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